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Crappy Job vent

ok, so my job has added multiple job responsibilites in the past month. It's gotten to the point where they are making our jobs the job of 3 people...it's impossible to complete in a 40 hour work week. Last friday I worked, and was liable for a crisis with a patient from 8 am to 9pm; they absolutely expect it to be done, and finished. It was an office job, now it's an office and community--people's houses, hospitals, and office job. All this to say, I want to go on FMLA asap. Financially it was not something that I was going to do until LO was born, but now, I just don't think I can physically or emotionally handle the strain of it all.

The plan is to go out on Sept 23rd. Im due on Oct 12.. I guess I wish that they would consider that I'm 8 months pregnant, but apparently this is not of any concern. I will not be returning, however, i am not telling them this b/c of the FMLA medical coverage....

How have people dealt with leaving their jobs? Do any of you feel guilty for leaving early? I know they are expecting me to stay until my due date, as three other pregnant woman just went on leave in July and they ALL stayed until their due date....which increases my guilt, but with no plans of returning, maybe I just need to bite the bullet and let go of the guilt. I probably will feel a million times better not dealing with this crap.


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Re: Crappy Job vent

  • It sounds like you already know what you should do. If you're not planning on returning, then why would you feel guilty for leaving early? If you are really under that much stress it's not healthy for you to stay longer than you have to. Just make sure it's approved by the right people that you can go on maternity leave early so that your insurance stays in effect. Good luck.
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    Compromise and Balance are key. JH.

  • I left around 32weeks. I used to be a cna, and it is very physically demanding. And they do not care if you are pregnant or not. Their policy is "We didnt get you pregnant, so we are not going to coddle you, do the job you were hired for or come back when you can"

    I do not feel bad at all for leaving early, i would feel bad staying and forcing myself to endure the stresses of my old job when i had the oppurtunity to leave. I will find another job, i will not ever have a second chance with this baby inside of me.

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  • If I wasn't going back to work for the money and had FMLA I'd sure take it now.  Life's too short.  You earn your paycheck, you don't owe them anything else, especially if they're overworking you.  It doesn't matter the other women stayed until their due dates as they aren't the ones dealing with your stress.  And you're right to not tell them about not coming back until the end of your leave.  That might sound shady on your part but if you tell them before you leave then they will only give you your vacation pay not your sick pay that you also earned.

    I was so worried about unexpectedly going out on bedrest months before due date.  Now, I don't really care.  I'm taking care of me and baby, that's my job now.  They found someone else to dump my huge workload on and now realize how much I did.  I know it's not my problem they stretched employees too thin before I left.  You shouldn't feel guilty either. 

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  • I am leaving my job on Sept 15th and have already let my boss know - and I'm not due til Nov 5. I don't have the luxury of maternity leave as it's a part-time, no benefits job, though. I just put my two weeks notice in and told her that the job is physically too much of a strain on my body right now, but I plan on reapplying after LO is born. She's assured me she'll rehire me, and I'll have to trust that. I'm also leaving them short-staffed (which they are already) and I don't have much guilt. I actually have a lot of relief from it. Even though I'm still working, I feel so much better emotionally.
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