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The nursery

I am soo freaking pumped about the colors that are going on the wall right now.  When DH and I painted the nursery for DD we spent a lot of time painting multi coloured squares on the wall and the room was very feminine.  We love the look and everything and I was sad to be painting over it but since this baby is a boy I thought let's make it more gender neutral since we are trying to sell our house.   

So after much thought we are leaving the squares but are adding a bright yellow/orange to the mix and then the walls are going to be a softer yellow/ orange called "Tiggers tummy"  Well I just finished painting what squares would be turned orange and I LOVE IT!  I think it's going to look even nicer than it did when DD was in the room.  I am hoping that by tonight we will be done painting that side of the nursery and I will be able to take pictures.   The nursery is two rooms in one and DH needs to clear out the other half before I can begin the painting process on that side.   It's fun!!! We should be all finished both sides by Sunday and I will be able to relax and actually get the giant laundry baskets of baby stuff out of my living room!


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Re: The nursery

  • Sounds really cool!

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  • Yay!  I was thinking that the silver lining to the sale of your house falling through was that you'd get to go back to the painting project you'd mentioned.  So glad to hear it's coming together!

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