3rd Trimester

2 cm dialated but the baby hasnt dropped yet?

This seems weird to me. Im nearly 38 weeks with my first. Has anyone else had this?
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Re: 2 cm dialated but the baby hasnt dropped yet?

  • Normal.  Dilation isn't an indication you're going into labor.  You could be at 2 cm for the next 2 weeks, in which time baby can drop and contractions start.  Then you're ready for the big show =)
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  • Very normal. When I was pregnant with my first, I had issues with PTL (was on bedrest for 14 weeks). I was 2cm from week 32-41 (yes, she came a week late after all that fuss), but she never dropped until maybe 2 days before I had her. 

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  • My DD didn't drop until I had been in labor for 30-some hours and was already dilated to about 8 cm. Not all babies drop before labor begins, some are comfy and just want to hang out up high longer :)
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  • I was 3cm at 38w and baby is still high. That said, second (or more) babies do not drop until last minute. It really doesn't have anything to do with dilation.
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