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How did things play out if your STBXH contested your divorce?

Ok, long story short.  My STBXH has been in jail awaiting trial for some horrible things that he did to me.  I have a restraining order that covers me and DD.  I've started divorce proceedings and he is contesting it.  He says he does not want the divorce and that he wants to try counseling and work things out.  Ummmm NOT HAPPENING.  He is also against the arrangements with our DD.  I've requested full physical and legal custody and that when he gets out to start off with professionally supervised visitation and then go from there.  The man is psycho and continues to show that.  He also wanted our DD to visit him in jail.  I will fight for my DD.

Just curious if anyone else has been in a smiliar situation and if so how things went.  Can he realy contest all of this from a jail cell?

Re: How did things play out if your STBXH contested your divorce?

  • He can contest it all he wants, but no judge in his/her right might is going to put up with it. It would be abusrd to think they'd give you anything BUT full legal/physical custody, especially considering your H is in jail for something he did to you and you have RO against him.



  • Unfortunately, yes. There are several women here who's husbands have drawn out their divorces from a jail cell. I'm so sorry.




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  • My experience has taught me that they actually get more chances to contest due to the fact that they're in prison.

    My ex was given four separate fourteen day periods with which he could contest various things (c/s, custody, protection order, etc.).

    All total, it took exactly four months from the day I filed for divorce, until the day the judge signed off on the final divorce decree, but even that is "appealable."  

    It chaps my a$$ every time I see "FINAL APPEALABLE ORDER" on the decree. I know that it's just a legality, but that doesn't make me like it. 

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