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Breastfeeding at 7 weeks

I am just a lurker but I wanted to share my story for all those new moms who may be having trouble. My baby is just over 7 weeks and we have just recently made the transition from EPing to EBFing. He was in the NICU for the first 5 days due to low blood sugar levels and we were told that he could only be released when he could show hunger signs and complete all his feedings. One of the nurses mentioned to my husband and I that the quickest way to get him out would be to pump and bottle feed him since he didn't seem to have a very good latch. She said that once we were home I could work more on breastfeeding. Since I am a first time mom and I just really wanted my baby home with me, I followed her advice. By the time we got home he already loved his bottle and screamed when I would try to breastfeed him. I kept pumping/bottle feeding but also offering my breast a few times a day. Finally a few days ago it clicked for him and he has a great latch and refuses to take his bottle! I just wanted to share to encourage those who are still trying. It just took a little more effort and patience but at 6 and a half weeks he finally got it and has taken off from there!

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  • That is great! You are doing a great job Mama! Keep it up! :)
  • YAY!  Congratulations!  If only I could get my DD off the boob!  j/k  She has always refused a bottle (introduced a straw cup at 4 months and that works well for nights I'd like to go on a date).  :)
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