3rd Trimester

Packing a bag for LO #1

Are you packing a second bag for LO #1 and what are you putting in it
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Re: Packing a bag for LO #1

  • No, I just take the outfit I want them to go home in.  Our hospital has all the stuff they need there and they even send you home with diapers and stuff. 


    EDIT:  I blame my reading comprehension fail on pre-lunch low blood sugar. ;p.

    I will probably just throw some pj's and another outfit in his diaper bag when the time comes and call it good.  Hopefully my in-laws will just come to our house.  

  • We won't be packing a special bag for him, but we will have his special gift from the baby to him and maybe a few DVDs if he wants to cuddle with me and watch them for awhile. He will be staying with my parents so I'm sure they will bring snacks , diaper bag etc. when they bring him to visit and he won't be staying all day.
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  • I assume you are asking if I am packing a bag for my older children.  I am not.  They are staying at our house with grandparents while I am at the hospital.  They will have short visits to the hospital but nothing long enough for them to need their own bag.  I will pack the sibling presents in my bag.
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  • imagejvlund84:
    Are you packing a second bag for LO #1 and what are you putting in it
      If this is LO#2
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  • Yes because I am not sure where she will be sleeping when I am in the hospital.  DH will stay with me and she will either be with my aunt or my mom and dad.  My parents have their own pack n play so I will be packing her a bag with:

    her blanket, sippy cup, pajamas, 2-3 outfits, diapers, and wipes. 

    I was induced with DD and we went in on a tuesday, didn't have her until thursday, and wasn't released until saturday, so potentially DD 1 could be at my parents/aunt's house for a few days. 


  • Yep. His bag is already packed, but mine is pretty much empty. :)

    We don't have family nearby, so he'll be staying with a neighbor. I have a pair of PJs, a pack of diapers/wipes, a couple pairs of clothes (including his Big Brother shirt that he'll wear to the hospital when he meets his brother), as well as a list of additional things that he'll need (pacifiers, blanket, sippy cups, etc), and a rough schedule of his day. We'll be giving our neighbors a key so that they can come over and get whatever else they need for him (toys, books, etc).

    I was far more stressed over what to pack for him than what to pack for myself!

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