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Please tell me I'm not the only one. PLEASE. &lt;vent&gt;

Tell me I'm not the only mother on the planet whose 3-year-old pitches raging temper tantrums in the middle of museums and fast-food restaurants. Including hitting, scratching, yanking on jewelry, and screaming at the TOP of her lungs. For as long as it takes to get out and away from wherever we are. 

I'm at my wits' end with HC this week.  This morning's debacle (in the midst of a very crowded Chick-fil-A, complete with a neighbor and her kids AND a woman I'm in a professional organization with) was the latest in a string of horrible days that seem to start from nowhere.  I don't know what to do anymore about her behavior.  Time out, warnings, consequences (i.e., losing what little TV time she has, no books at bedtime, etc.)--nothing seems to make a bit of difference right now.  And of course she's an angel with DH, MIL, and anyone else.  Only does this to me.  At this rate we're never going to leave the house and she won't have any books or toys left, and we'll BOTH be completely insane from having no contact with the outside world because clearly she cannot handle being in public.

Dear God, please find me a JOB.  Crying

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Re: Please tell me I'm not the only one. PLEASE. &amp;lt;vent&amp;gt;

  • Nope. I'm right there with you. I feel extra special since DD will only act like that for me. She's found new octaves for screaming.

    Wave hi if you're out and see another mom with the Exorcist child. It's me.

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  • Of course you're not the only one.  But there is one major thing that I've learned that significantly lowers the meltdown potential for Gavin... No matter where we are going or how many times we have been before. I have to tell him (in excruciating detail)

    1. where we are going.

    2.  what we are going to do there.


    4.  and what the consequence will be if he does not behave. 

    If we don't talk it out ahead of time, he spins out of control and it gets ugly fast.  It doesn't always work and I still find myself pulling a screaming kid out of the mall from time to time, but 90% of the time, this method keeps him in check.






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  • Oh no, you are NOT the only one. We have left CFA many a time kicking and screaming. He used to melt down to the point where I was pinning him into his seat while he was kicking, hitting, etc...When he does that he goes to his room for 20 minutes which to him seems like an eternity. I make him sit on the edge of his bed and the TO doesn't start until he stops crying. This has finally curbed SOME of the outbursts. Now that he is 3 he also understands that if we are with friends and he acts badly, that we will leave but that his friends will get to stay and have fun, that has also helped. GL it's so challenging and it sucks to feel like your child has NO regard for you but will listen to everyone but you. My mom just had him for a week and he was 'an angel' for her. Even ate broccoli...
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  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, 2 was a cakewalk compared to 3 in our house.  I don't know what happens but it's like my children lose their freaking minds the second I'm in a public place with them by myself. 
  • MJD is only 14 months, but bless you all!  I was feelling like I was already starting to see crazy child tantrums now...  I can only imagine 3! 

    I will say none of you are alone.  I was in the Container Store and this mom had 3 kids with her and all of them were screaming.  I felt so bad for her, but I don't think I ever saw her lose her cool.  I would have blown a complete fuse!

  • Bailey isn't three but he has several times in the last month dropped to a sitting postion and started screaming. Every freakin time I'm carrying Bryce so either I drag Bailey out by the arm or I have to pick up both of them. So not fun!
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  • I love y'all.  Seriously.  Love.  THANK YOU for the support and empathy! :)  I know I'm not literally the only one but it helps to hear stories, you know?  Thankfully today-so far-has been much better, but we aren't going to be going to that CFA until HC is at least 25 years old; I couldn't handle another meltdown like that one!
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  • My DD is an opera singer and when she screams EVERYONE stops and stares. We were at northpoint the other day on the soft play area and she hit another child (lightly and to defend her own sippy cup but still) so I put her in time out and she screamed and screamed and turned red and screamed.. I was afraid security was going to come and investigate me! Also, she only does this with me too.... it must be a mommy thing...
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