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2nd+ Moms- Anyone have issues in 1st pregnancy but not in 2nd? (Sorry if AWish)

This is my second pregnancy. With my first, my bp became an issue pretty early on (around 24 weeks). It was just barely high (140/90) for a while and then shot up to scary high by 28 weeks. I was medicated which did get it under control, for the most part. I had to have weekly ultrasounds and NSTs (2x per weeks) for the remainder of my pregnancy. Anytime I got a high bp reading at an appt I had to do a 24 hr urine collection and pre-e bloodwork, which ended up being 3x between 28 and 40 weeks. Thank God, I never got pre-e! I had a super high reading in the beginning of this (180/110) that earned me an overnight stay in L&D, for monitoring and bedrest until the meds got it all under control. I was induced on my due date because of the bp and ended up with a csection. The whole thing just sucked and I thought it was something I would most likely have to deal with in each future pregnancy. I'm 31 weeks now and my bp has been great! Every trip to the dr is like a little victory to me, when I hear it's still doing well. I'm enjoying this pregnancy so much and am so thankful to not have all the drama. Just wondering if any other mamas are having smooth pregnancies after some difficulty in the last one? I hope things continue to be uneventful for me and all of you!
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Re: 2nd+ Moms- Anyone have issues in 1st pregnancy but not in 2nd? (Sorry if AWish)

  • Yep! Mine wasn't as medically complex as yours, but with my first I had an awful pregnancy rash that hurt all across my entire back and shoulders, it looked like disgusting acne and I couldn't even wear tank tops. I also had severe carpel tunnel that pretty much prevented me from sleeping. I failed my 1 hr glucose and swelled up HUGE so much that I had to wear men's size 11 flip flops for my entire 3rd tri. My face was about three times the size when I delivered. I also gained weight a lot faster (thinking i was borderline diabetic now). My first pregnancy was much rougher all around. It ended in 36 hours of labor and a c-section with a 9 lb baby, I had an awful c-section experience and my entire family met the baby before I got to hold him :( It was emotionally traumatic! I know I shouldn't complain because many people have much worse medical issues in pregnancy, but I was not looking forward to this one at all because I felt like the last one was no fun. 

    This time around I am on track for weight gain without really trying, passed my glucose by a mile, no carpel tunnel, zero rash, no swelling and I'm even still wearing my wedding rings! I have a scheduled c-section which makes me feel much more relaxed and I can plan the family arrivals etc. around what I want. I just feel really good and energetic all around! I still had awful morning sickness, but that was gone by 15 weeks.

  • Yes my first pregnancy ended in late loss at 23 weeks when I was dialated 4 cm out of the blue and my water broke.

    This pregnancy though I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the next shoe to drop has been perfect sailing.

    I'm sorry for everything you went thru.

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  • No personal experience, but a friend of mine delivered at 28 weeks because of pre-e and with her 2nd, she went past her EDD and never developed pre-e.

    I hear it's common to only get that complication once-it's not something you necessarily will get with every pregnancy.

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  • No issues at all throughout the pregnancy.  Once we got to delivery, my placenta didn't want to come out (retaining placenta) and I lost A LOT A LOT of blood.  I was rushed to the OR for four hours.  I was as white as the bed sheets!  Took a good two months for my hemoglobin levels to be back to normal. Also, I had a third (or second?) degree tear.  

    With my second, they were expecting it and delivery was smooth as silk.  No problems at all. 

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  • Uuuugh I am the complete opposite! While prego with DD I had absolutely no complications except for the fact that I gained a TON of weight (no joke I took eating for two literally I gained about 60 lbs). With this one I was eating right, exercising and watching my weight. She's breech and I have large blood vessels super close to the opening of the cervix + a low lying placenta to deal with. I will know in 3 weeks if I have to do a c section or not.

    O well! Happy healthy babies are all that matter right? :)

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  • Im the opposite, my first pregnancy was textbook, DS was even born ON his due date. This time it has been excruciatingly difficult. I have a pre-existing condition (i had it with DS, but it went into remission during pregnancy) that is kicking my butt, Pupps, UTIs, hospitalizations, it has been rough. Hoping to try for a third in a few years...really hoping it will be a pregnancy like my first!
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  • I had GD and pre-e with my first. This time I still have GD but I am able to be much better controlled with diet only needing occasional insulin and no signs of pre-e at all so far.
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  • 1st pregnancy with DD she was breach and had low fluid so I had c-section.  2nd pregnancy with DS was normal and had repeat C-section.  So far so good with this one and also having repeat C.
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