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Will wall decals stick on canvas?

I have another question, while I'm thinking of the nursery. I bought custom wall decals off Etsy for the kids' bathroom and for names to put over the babies' cribs. They won't stick to our walls though. I don't know if it's the texture or the paint, but everything peels off and falls down within a few days. Do you think the vinyl wall decals would stick to canvas? I have some large artist canvases I could stick the decals to, but I'm wondering if latex paint on the canvases would be just as bad.

Re: Will wall decals stick on canvas?

  • You could try a craft glue and glue them onto the canvas.

    Or try a medium such a an acrylic gel medium or modge podge that you could brush on the entire canvas after you stick on the decals to help seal it all together. 

     Good luck! 

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  • Yes, they will stick to canvas. I did this for wall art in my nursery and I think it looks better than just sticking them on the wall.FWIW, I did put a coat of white paint on the canvas.
  • I think a spray adhesive would work as well.

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