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Info On Downtown Decatur or Oakhurst?

We're still trying to find a new rental house, townhouse, or possibly apartment. So far we feel pretty connected to Decatur area. It reminds us of the things we really loved about living in Brooklyn, NY. While we don't expect it to be the -same-, we do want some of the semblance of it. Like walkability, boutiques, coffee shops, farmers markets.

Anyone live there and like it? Or thoughts on why you don't? What do you think of it for families?


Re: Info On Downtown Decatur or Oakhurst?

  • I don't technically live there, but I am one block from the Decatur/Oakhurst city limits and so we are walking distance to Oakhurst Village and we spend a lot of our time in downtown Decatur (and subsequently the majority of our friends actually live there).  There are a couple of nesties/bumpies here that do actually live there, but I thought I'd chime in.  Basically, we love it.  There are people out walking every where all the time.  There are people out on the patios of all the restaurants in Oakhurst Village all of the time with their kids and dogs.  Its a very family friendly area.  Also, the East Lake YMCA has some kid friendly programs (Toddlercize which is like gymboree) two mornings a week, and Mommy & Me fitness classes twice a week where you can take your newborn up to crawling baby in with you and you can get your exercise on AND talk to other mommies going through the same thing you're going through.  I've met a ton of my mommy friends at the Y.  The schools are very good in Decatur, though it is almost impossible to find a daycare that doesn't have an insane waiting list because it is a baby booming metropolis!  The area is close/convenient to the highways, it is easy to get anywhere.  Plus its close to the zoo and fernbank and obvi the stuff downtown (childrens museum/aquarium/etc) and you've got Emory hospital and Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta Eggleston right there too.  I don't think there are any negatives to be honest.
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  • I'm one street over from the Oakhurst line and frequent Downtown Decatur a lot.  It's great for families.  Tons of events and activities.  Love it!

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  • We live within the Decatur city limits and love it. We walk everywhere (when it's not so blasted hot), have tons of playgrounds within walking distance, and have lots of friends with kids the same age. We love the restaurants, culture, shops, the people ... everything. We rarely ever eat anywhere outside the city limits.

     House prices have maintained their value throughout the recession, which is great as an owner (of course, this might not be so great if you're trying to buy:-)). The biggest downside is taxes, as we probably pay the highest taxes in Georgia. But, we have a small, fantastic school system that engages its families, as well as fantastic services. I had a voice when they were redistricting elementary schools last year, and my son is only 4. You really won't get that in any other public metro ATL school systems.

    Maykat, what else can you add?

    Let me know if you have other questions.


  • Oakhurst is a wonderful place to live.  I can't say enough good things about it.  Great place to raise a family, wonderful schools, walking distance to great restaurants...lots of things to do.

    There is a big book festival going on in Decatur this weekend if you are around. There is a children's parade going on both Saturday and Sunday.

    If you have any specific questions about the area feel free to email me.  We have lived in Oakhurst for just over 5 years.

    [email protected]

  • I rent a house next to Heather so about a block outside the city limits close to Oakhurst.  I really like it.  Honestly, I lived in midtown before and it was more of a walking neighborhood than the decatur area is for me, but decatur is much much more family oriented so its a trade off.  You should be able to find somewhere to rent but you have to be ready to decide fast.  The good places go very quickly.  I do really love all my neighbors which is great and its fun to be in a place that always has tons of family activities.
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  • Thanks! I really appreciate all the feedback and can't wait to check out the neighborhood more. All I hear are good things about Decatur area.

    We looked at a great rental house last night near Oakhurst Village and loved it. Then ate burgers at Universal Joint. I felt so much happier than I've felt in the 2 weeks we've moved here from NYC. It reminded us a lot of our neighborhood in Brooklyn and the vibe was great.

    We also saw a place in Virginia Highlands on a quiet block but only a few blocks away from Atkins Park and the strip of shops, restaurants, coffee shop, a playground, and 1.0 miles to Piedmont Park. I really loved both areas and houses for very different reasons so I mostly left it up to the hubs. I lived here 11 years ago and have family here, so my experience getting readjusted here is much different than his.

    So... we just put in a request for the Virginia Highlands house. It's a little cheaper than the Oakhurst one (though wasn't as nicely renovated). I'm looking forward to seeking out a family community and figuring out how to make it all work for us. But I know I can be happy in either neighborhood and am excited to get this show on the road. Plus we have 2 sets of close friends in the general Va-Hi area which is awesome. We'll see how it goes and may consider Decatur when our baby is old enough to go to school. We do really love it over there and can't wait to go to some of the festivals.

    For now, we're just excited to get settled in a great neighborhood. We've been bouncing around hotels, family, and friends for 2 weeks.

    Thanks again!

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