3rd Trimester

Bleeding during 2nd/3rd tri?

I posted this on the Dec. board and 2nd tri too, but wanted to see if I could get others opinions.

So I've had spotting/bleeding on and off since July (around 20 weeks). Until last week, it was darker, brownish red and I've been to the doctor twice when it was fairly significant. Had swabs done and exams, and other than a softened cervix I was told that everything was fine. Had it checked out again (including internal exam and U/S) on Friday at my 26 week appt... same answer. Sunday night I had more heavy bleeding (bright red), almost like my period was just starting. I decided not to call ( I feel like at this point I am like a boy crying wolf since they tell me there is nothing wrong), but when I called today for my test results from Friday and shared with the nurse that I had some bleeding Sunday, she insisted I come in to be checked again. Doctor found nothing wrong, but told me it was likely a broken capillary and I needed to really take it easy, try not to lift my 2 year old, and generally stay off my feet. Arg. She told me this was likely my "warning" to take it easy, and that if I had the bright red bleeding again she would consider putting me on bedrest.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Part of me thinks that the Dr. is overreacting, but I also would hate not to heed her warning and have something bad happen.

Will baby #3 be another girl?


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Re: Bleeding during 2nd/3rd tri?

  • I don't know the answer....and I don't assume anyone will for sure, but I do think you should heed your dr's advice.  Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to pregnancy! I know it sucks, especially if it in truth isn't necessary, but since you don't know whether or not it is...take it easy!
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  • I've had a similar experience. I started "spotting" at about 14 weeks and have been doing so about once a week since then (I'm 29 weeks now). It was heavier at first, but now I can say it's truly just spotting. My docs were not able to find anything wrong and I was told the same thing about a broken capillary. I guess I'm just a bleeder?? Your bleeding sounds a little heavier than mine. I've been told I can do everything normally, but when I do bleed to just rest until it stops. I guess I don't have any advice- I can just empathize with you. Being a FTM, I would do exactly what my doc tells me to though...
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