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Need a plan "B" for DD when I go in to labor. Frustrated.

I have a huge family with a huge extended family. My dad's cousin sadly passed away last year due to complications from gastric bypass surgery.

This cousin's sister is a leech. I don't know how else to put it. She lives out of town and has now planned the memorial for my parent's house the same week the baby is due. She wants to stay, with her family, at my parent's house. She just emailed and asked if their minister could stay there too. My parents are going to host the whole memorial so there may be as many as 100 people there on the 9th of October. I am due the 6th. This lady never helps with anything and I know my parents will be waiting on her.

Parties etc are exhausting for my parents (who are in their 60's) but they have a good property and plenty of space to they usually are held there. The property is big and open and when lots of people are around the doors are always open. No

My concern - My DD was supposed to stay there when I had the baby. She is used to their house and loves it there. She spends at least one day a week with them and we visit a lot as well. They live just 2 miles away from us. I am not comfortable having DD there with all those people around (especially that woman and her family). On top of that I feel like my parents are going to be exhausted and overworked.

 I am trying to think of appropriate arrangements if everything does happen that week (they are going to be in town for at least 4 days). I also need to make sure that my parent's feelings aren't hurt. That is going to be the tough part.


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Re: Need a plan "B" for DD when I go in to labor. Frustrated.

  • Do you have a friend who could come be on call for you?  After the labor is done your husband can be on daughter duty. 
  • I would talk to your mom about it first. just let her know that your thinking of finding someone else so that it will be easier on them. if she gets really upset then maybe they can have her some of the time and you can have a back up person/s to help out as well maybe for / of the day or something.

     We don't have anything set in stone but for right now i think my in laws will be watching Lo when i'm in labor and during the day when i'm in the hospital and DH will go home to get him ready for bed and stay with him at night. I'm hoping i'm not there long and that LO can stay at the hospital for a few hrs each day too!

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