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XP: Jumper or exersaucer

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DD had her first time in a jumper at daycare yesterday & loved it.  They have a FP rainforest jumper.  We have a bright starts exersaucer that we got at a shower.  I'm wondering if she'll like the jumper better?  We put the exersaucer together last night & put her in it & she was not happy (but she was tired so that could be it.) 

Do your LO's like the jumper, which seems more movable, or the exersaucer, that might be harder to move in?


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Re: XP: Jumper or exersaucer

  • Personally, at just over 3 months she's too young for either.

    We had both the Rainforest Jumperoo and an exersaucer and DS liked both, though probably preferred the jumperoo.

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  • We had the FP rainforest jumperoo and DS really liked it.  I only wanted one so I decided on the jumperoo.  It's really similar to an exersaucer but also gives LO the option to jump.
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  • Jumper over exersaucer, but I don't know if i'd get both.  We are just getting the jumperoo
  • She has both and prefers the jumperoo. We have 2 jumperoos as a result, one at the babysitter's place and one at our place.
  • Hands down the jumper.  We had the Baby Einstein one from BRU for DS and will get another one for this baby (we gave it to a friend).  My son loved that thing!
  • JUMPEROO times a million...we put our LOs in it as soon as they have good head control and they both have absolutely loved it!
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