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Yoga and Pregnant

Is it safe to continue yoga while pregnant?

Re: Yoga and Pregnant

  • absolutely! they have prenatal yoga classes designed specifically to prepare your body for L&D, soothe aches/pains and just maintain flexibility and strength. if you already have a yoga practice, just let your instructor know that you are pregnant, and they can help you modify postures.
  • As my husband says, "as long as you don't do the posture where you stand on your uterus..."
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  • If you're not doing prenatal yoga, I would just let the instructor know that you're pregnant. A good instructor should be able to give you modifications for a few of the poses if they'd be a problem. I think you're supposed to avoid lying on your back as you get bigger. 
  • Like my yoga instructor said, "just don't do any postures that with squish the baby's face."  Stick out tongue


    I've tried a couple prenatal yoga classes around town lately, and I like them better than regular classes.  I did regular classes up until 20 weeks.  Then they became too rigorous for me.

    Remember, Austin has it's Free Day of Yoga coming up!  It's a great time to try a new class at a new studio!

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