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Groin muscle strain

I randomly woke up on Monday morning with an extreme amount of pain in my left groin muscle... Since then, it's been tough to walk (I limp), get up off the floor (pretty excruciating), turn over in bed (owie) or basically do anything involving my legs. I finally called my doctor, and they said this is very normal at the end of a pregnancy, and it should heal on it's own within 4-6 weeks. Awesome. I'm due in 5 weeks. So basically I have to just suck it up, take Tylenol every 6 hours, put an ice pack on and get help every time I move for the next 5 weeks.

Anyone else? This sucks! I've always seen pregnant women waddling toward the end, but I had no idea it could be because of their groin muscle pulling! Ugh!

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Re: Groin muscle strain

  • Same problem here. Sad I have a dr appt on Friday, I plan to ask her about it.
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  • Same here! I posted about it in another pain thread but my doc said the same. Just normal part of the body's preparations.
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  • I've had this coming and going for over a month now.  I teach fitness classes and thought it was something I had done while teaching.  It went away and then came back while I was on vacation and not exercising at all, so I figured it was pregnancy related.  I asked my OB about it and he said it was normal.  I only hope it doesn't make the delivery even more uncomfortable!

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  • I have had this same problem as well, throughout my pregnancy. It started when I was probably 2 months along ... but it has gotten increasingly worst. Our dog had puppies (7 of them) a little over a month ago, and we keep them contained in our kitchen. Well last night I got up to get some water, lights on and all, but still managed to trip over one. I didnt fall, but i did manage to spread my legs far enough apart that I felt like I had just ripped something in half. I had to brace myself against the wall and take a few really big deep breathes. A little sore today, but only 30 more days to go. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, hang in there.
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