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I've lost my filter

I'm naturally pretty sarcastic. I usually keep my comments to myself, but lately...omg. I've been awful. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm a biatch, but eh. I told my SIL's sister, who was being very mean, that she was an ungrateful spoiled brat. She is, but I said this in front of her family! Her grandmother actually laughed and said, well it's about time. But ugh. If you hate anyone right now just send me to them. I'll lay it all out.
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Re: I've lost my filter

  • imageangelaggie:
    Her grandmother actually laughed and said, well it's about time.


    That's funny.  When I'm pregnant, in addition to all the "make-me-cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat" emotions, I have always said I grow balls.  I guess it's about the same as losing my filter but when I'm not pg, I hate confrontation and will silently stew about something or go whine about it to my girlfriends.  When pg, I just let it out to the person who pissed me off (usually DH).  DH just last week told me that I'm "going off on him far too much" lately.  I said it's all stuff I should be going off on you for, but I just don't have the balls to when I'm not pg!

    ETA:  Haha, I just realized that both of my successful pregnancies, where I've "grown balls" were with boys!  Maybe you're having a boy!!  Wink

  • Ha. I've been saying it's a boy. Maybe!
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  • ha!  I was just like this when pg, especially in the first trimester. 
  • That is hilarious! Thank god...I'm not alone! I noticed the same thing almost immediately with my pregnancy. I have no problem telling people how I feel these days. I love it! Maybe we are all having boys. :)
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