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Congrats to Michelleaxo on her BFP!

QOTW: Do you discuss fertility with friends or the ILs?
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Re: ***TTC check in***

  • Yes, congrats Michelleaxo!  :)

    Can I just say that I HATE AF?  I mean, at least have the courtesy to show up on time and not give me sore boobs (which I NEVER get) if you're going to come at all, lady.  

    I've discussed with a few friends and my trainer.  My parents and ILs know we may be trying to have another LO soon but they definitely don't know specifics.  Only my closest friends and y'all know much about our plans.  As far as fertility specifics (like when I'm Oing), heck no.  If we have to use fertility drugs or other methods in the future, I imagine we'd let immediate family and close friends know but it is definitely something I wouldn't share with the world.  IMO, not everyone needs to know that much of my personal business.

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  • Congrats Michelleaxo for sure! But please tell me we are't going to have to be as busy as y'all to get our BFP, bc I just don't think I can do it.

    QOTD: we haven't told our parents we are TTC, nor 90% of our friends. I have told my best friend, because she is a mom and a good resource for knowledge an support. I've also (strangly) told a few coworkers. One is a woman that I eat lunch with every day and we are super close, so it's nice to have her as a confidant. Also, I ended up telling two of the male docs I work with. We were out downtown a couple of weeks ago and they were asking why I wasn't drinking. They basically know/expected it anyway. One of them I've been working out with a lot, so we talk a lot while on the elliptical next to each other. It's actually been really nice, because I'm not all emotional with them and can ask my millions of medical questions. Plus, it's nice to hear from a guy friend to relax and not get stressed, it's just a lighter convo in general. I feel like if I told my mom it would be more emotional and I don't handle that as well, KWIM?
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  • Congrats michelleaxo :)

    Well, I'm glad that first EDD is over with.  Thank you again for the sweet virtual hugs and distracting links :)  I'm feeling a little down that I'm not pregnant again yet.  I took a test this morning and BFN (9 or so dpo, which is when I got a BFP last time).  I'm trying really, really, really hard not to get sad when a gazillion of my friends are having babies (one was born yesterday in fact) around this time.  I'm SO happy for them, but I can't help but feel a tad bitter/jealous.

    Update part II - have my initial consultation with the reproductive acupuncture practice today.  I glanced over their patient handbook and it's really overwhelming. Some of it conflicts with what my doctor has said.  If I have to make some major lifestyle changes, I will, but with everything else going on in my life right now, I'm afraid that if I can't do it that it'll make me feel guilty and stress me out even more.

    QOTW: I discuss it a little with close friends, in fact I finally fessed up about my miscarriages to a coworker and she was the one who recommended this acupuncture practice.  And a little with family, mainly just my mom because I want her to know what's going on.   I try not to have it too out in the open at work because I don't want people to think I'm on the "mommy track" and with family... I don't know.  I just don't really want to go there right now with the extended family.

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  • QOTW- unfortunately.  I kinda had to, with my surgery last year it was impossible not to because of what I was having done, and also what they found.  And then obviously with my miscarriage in April.  My whole family knew I was pregnant- I had felt comfortable telling everyone when we had such a great appt at 8 weeks.  I know for sure now, I'm not telling anyone except immediate family (and all you lovely ladies, of course) until 16 weeks next time.

    Update: nothing really.  CD10, just waiting to O.  We had great timing last cycle and everything was much more normal in the CM dept, so I was super bummed when my period came.  :(  This is cycle #4 since my m/c.  I've been averaging 4 months inbetween all my pregnancies (3 cycles with DS, 4 with my CP last sept, 4 to get pg the last time), so if it doesn't work out this cycle I'm going to be a mess. 

  • I was 4 days late last week and ended up POAS... it was negative and AF came later that night, but it just got my hopes up and I am now hit (again) with major Baby Fever.

    Even though we decided to put TTC #2 on hold until this time next year, I'm planning to bring it up with DH again this weekend. I just don't think I can wait that long.

    Hoping I'll be back on the TTC list soon!

    QOTW: If my MIL ever asked anything about it, I'd definitely tell her. She's very open-minded and supportive. I wouldn't really bring it up, though. Awkward. 


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  • Update: 2ww here. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. 

    QOTW: My sister has had three miscarriages over the past 13 or 14 months and, as a result, has taken it upon herself to educate herself to an exponential degree about TTC. She's my go-to for questions and she LOOOOVES talking about it. She should totally be a midwife or a doula. We have very honest TMI discussions and it's not weird. We would love to be pregnant at the same time.

    I told my best girlfriends a few months ago that we would be TTC soon and they were excited. Other than that, I'm not telling anyone IRL. I would like to surprise our families. If we have TTTC, I would talk to my MIL since she's a doctor. The problem with trying to keep it quiet is that my DH is a big blabbermouth. 

    Good luck, everyone! I'm hoping for a gaggle of cute bumpie babies next summer. 

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  • Update:  AF came yesterday morning after 56 days, so I was pretty bummed.  I would just my body to regulate already.  So I have no clue how long it will be till the next time.  I've been off of BC since May and this is only my 3rd cycle.  The first one was 42 days long.

    QOTW:  I have told one of my good friends who is also TTC but thats about it.  I don't want to have a lot of people always asking me about it adding stress.  I'd rather just tell them when it's all said and done.

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  • Congrats MichelleAXO!  I missed the post. 

    I've been on a med break since July.  I'm just not mentally ready for IUI, but the clock is ticking.  Acupuncture and Metformin have helped me get a normal 28 day cycle (was previously 60+ days without Femara) and I now ovulate on CD 14 or 15.  I feel like everything should now fall in place.

    QOTW:  I do talk about fertility a bit with friends.  I have a work friend who knows what we're going through.  I talk to my sister (a dr) a lot about it but no exact details.  My brother (another dr) has discussed PCOS with me.  My parents know but no details either.  No one needs to know where I am in a cycle, just that it's taking a while and what we're doing to improve our chances.  I wouldn't feel comfortable talking about it with my in laws.  My MIL would probably get overly emotional and blab it to everyone she knows.

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  • I just posted above so yeah - starting Clomid next cycle. I'm on day 23 of my cycle and again no O this month. QOTW: I only do with close friends that were there with me emotionally through the M/C.
  • Congrats MichelleAXO!

    Update:  In the 2ww.  I never thought I would be the person who got sick of seeing everyone on facebook post their baby announcements but I am.  When I graduated high school, I immediately saw people posting about babies and I laughed at them because I was going to college.  Now all of my friends I went to college with and are now married are having babies and I'm jealous.  I want to be positive and not stress but that's hard. :(

    QOTW: Our families do not know.  I can't deal with my mom nor my MIL with questions about getting pregnant so they won't know until it is confirmed I am pregnant by the doctor.  I have told several trust worthy friends though.  I am really good friends with all the girls I work with and they all know.  They are who I vent to because DH is getting tired of me whining.  

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  • In the 2ww.  Had my IUI last weekend...did not go as well as hoped.  DH's sample was not nearly where they want it to be.  He has kind of been all over the board as far as numbers go so they are recommending he see a urologist.  I'm bummed and just pretty much thinking we are already out for this cycle.  

    I have just recently started to tell people about our struggles b/c I just need to talk to someone.  Close friends know as well as ILs.  I will probably tell my parents the next time I see them in person.   

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  • We are having to wait at least one more cycle, possibly two more due to the big church conferences I have next April and July. It's hard--on the one had, I am so glad that people have faith in me to represent them at these meetings, and to (hopefully) get some changes made in our church. And on the other hand, I definitely feel like I am making a lot of personal sacrifices, especially pushing back TTC. So.

    QOTW: My close friends and my family know. Especially since my CP and my older sister's MC were around the same time, and our younger sis is PG. DH's family also knows, as they are super close.  

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