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Someone smack me! This has to be in my head!

Ok I just found out I'm pregnant on Monday. I know its super early, and anything (God forbid!) could happen, but I swear I'm making myself crazy! I'm barely pregnant, I couldn't possibly exhibiting symptoms yet could I? All of my pants are too small in the pelvic area-they are all super tight, and I get hungry about every 2-3 hours and I swear certain foods taste different-chocolate is one and everything STINKS and makes me gag. 

 Clearly I this must be in my head right? I can't be having all these symptoms yet, can I? 

Re: Someone smack me! This has to be in my head!

  • You sure can! Pants not fitting is caused by bloating as the body re-adjusts to the HCG hormone in your body. I have heard many woman get symptoms before a BFP test. Congrats!!
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  • Bloat is VERY common in very early pregnancy and it can create quite an impressive little bloat baby. It will go down!

    Drink as much water as you can possibly stand. It helps. As far as the other symptoms go, I can't really say. I didn't have any... Still don't. Well, other than constipation - thats a fun one too!!

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  • I'm 8 weeks and look much further along than I am bc of bloat! I feel like I'm eating constantly and feel horrible for over eating! Even drinking plenty of water by the end of the day I feel like an elephant! The constpation is a whole other story! Which, i'm currently suffering from and IT IS NO FUN!!
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  • Your pants are tight because you are bloated. That's totally normal, even early on.

    The super-sensitivity to smells was one of my first symptoms.

    So basically, yes. You can be having those symptoms.

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  • Thanks for the replies everyone! At least now I know I haven't completely lost it yet.... I really thought I was thinking up the symptoms. 


  • I was the same way, even before I got my BFP (except for the bloat) I never knew before I was pregnant that things change so very quickly. I literally thought the hunger started in the 3rd trimester. Boy was I wrong!! Congratulations.
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