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*****Weekly PG Check-In*****

 ~*Weekly PG Check-in*~


To join or update this list, please post here with your Nestie name, EDD, and prediction of baby's sex, actual sex if you know, or if it's a surprise!



Congratulations to BoxerMomma on the birth of her baby girl!


Congratulations to Jennifer*L*923 on the birth of her baby boy!


Congratulations to michelleaxo on her BFP!


Any updates on Jgiles?  I think she was supposed to have her baby yesterday.




Question of the week:

Are you going to cloth diaper? Why or why not?




Updates: How is everything going? Please share any updates you might have, including a recent bump pic!



Jgiles ? 9/2/11 (boy)

Little_red8 ? 9/15/11 (girl)

El_twirpo ? 9/19/11 (boy)

Chargermama ? 9/20/11 (girl)

Smb29 ? 9/23/11 (boy)

Ebat ? 9/24/11 (girl)

Colleenor ? 10/14/11 (boy)

Goofyround ? 10/19/11 (twins, boy & girl)

Txbabs111 ? 10/24/11 (surprise)

Keribells ? 11/1/11 (girl)

Duckie07 ? 11/14/11 (girl)

Romigu ? 11/26/11 (boy)

Mrslaquinta ? 11/30/11 (surprise)

AdamsKitten ? 12/9/11 (girl)

LauraR326 ? 12/22/11 (guess is boy)

Amyliisa ? 12/22/11 (boy)

Ricola ? 12/27/11 (boy)

schwietRDH ? 1/5/12

Mrs.Froggianna ? 2/6/12

Jess.O ? 2/1/12 (girl)

Moniejoy ? 2/5/12 (guess is boy)

Balihaigirl ? 2/13/12

Abh1977 ? 2/20/12 (surprise)

HSartteach ? 3/17/12 (surprise)

Fjaril ? 3/17/12

Baileybaby2010 ? 3/17/12

Angelaggie ? 3/31/12

Funkymonkeyohyeahhh ? 4/15/12

Dapo2004 ? 4/21/12 (guess is girl)

FoxyHoff ? 4/22/12 (guess is boy)


Here are the current standings: Team Blue: 8, Team Pink: 7, Team Green: 4


Re: *****Weekly PG Check-In*****

  • Congrats to our new mamas and Michelleaxo!!

    QOTW:  No.  We did with Luke, but he had a severe skin reaction to the detergent residue on the CDs.  We stripped and stripped and stripped our stash, but in the end any trace of the detergent made his bum look like a baboon's.  I sold the stash and switched to disposables.  I don't have the desire to go down that path again, even though the chance that #2 would have that same allergy is slim.  Plus, for as cute as the fluffy CD butts are, it was a PITA getting onesies to snap with those on.

    Update:  About to leave for the dr. now!  Excited to hear the HB and make further guesses on the gender Smile  3 weeks till the BIG U/S!  

    I'm slowly outgrowing all my pre-pg shirts, but the maternity ones I was loaned don't quite fit yet either.  It's very challenging to get dressed in the morning!

  • I'm here! Yay!

    QOTW: No, we are going to use disposable diapers just like we did with Gracie. I would totally give CD's a shot, but DH refuses and I am fine with disposables.

    Update: Just got my BFP on Sunday. I was shocked b/c I had some spotting and some fierce back cramps, which I normally get with AF. But when I gagged as I was brushing my teeth, I realized that I had the two days of spotting and then AF did not come. I figured "eh, I'll just waste another test just to see" and there it was. I am pretty nervous though. I have had waaaaaay more cramping this time around than I did with Gracie, so it feels really different this time. Hopefully that is not a bad sign. Oh, and I have already started having some morning sickness. It seems too soon, but I have already thrown up a few times.

    That's all I've got, but I'm glad to be here with y'all!

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  • Update: had an ultrasound yesterday and doctor said everything looks perfect. DH was able to go and he was so proud. We're skipping the n/t scan, so next ultrasound is the big one. I can't believe I'm almost in the double digit weeks! My grandpa's 81st birthday is Friday and we're going to go up and see him to tell him the good news.


    QOTW: I really wanted too, but since I'm home without DH a majority of the time..,well 2/3 of the time I've decided not to. I think it will just put extra strain on me. Also, I'm thinking of exclusively pumping, so that might be stressful enough. With my depression history, we have decided it's best for me not to do night feedings. I become suicidal when my sleep is bad, even on meds. We will have either my mother of MIL here when DH is gone.
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  • QOTW: Yes.  I don't think I'll be CD'ing very much at first though -- I don't want to invest in a newborn stash so we plan on using sposies until all of the O/S diapers we have fit.

    Updates: None really.  Still feeling the baby move all the time, which is fun.  DH finally told his boss so we were able to go public with the news.  Looking forward to the anatomy scan that should take place in about another month.

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  • QOTW: Nope, we are going with disposables again.  I don't think I have it in me to do the work of the cloth diapers.

    Update: Had a lot of contractions on Monday, 3 minutes apart for several hours so I went in to get checked and I'm making no progress.  It hasn't been as bad since then, but I'm pretty miserable.  It really sucks because I'm having a freaking c-section, I'm supposed to get to skip the labor part!  I'm just an all around cranky pants these days. 17 days and counting.

  • Question of the week:

    Are you going to cloth diaper? Why or why not?

    No (as I hang my head in shame) sounds very appealling and I might look into it more once she is here. But on the flip side I know I'm in for a challenge with a newborn, being a 1st time mom, early work hours, leaving her with a baby sitter, dogs and everything else. Basically I just listed a bunch of 'excuses'....


     Updates: How is everything going? Please share any updates you might have, including a recent bump pic!

    Everything is going great...I have my 1st 2 week appt on Friday....yipes! That means I'm going to have a newborn soon? Oh my! My first shower is on the 10th and I can't wait. I also cannot wait to meet this little girl. With all the heartburn she is giving me she better have some luscious locks of hair on that little head! I was taking a bath last night and could just sit there and watch my stomach move every so often...I tried to video it with my phone but it didn't really look the same...just looked like a G-rated porn video. deleted!


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  • Hi!  Please add me to the list - EDD 1/26/12

    Congrats to the new mommies and the newly pregnant nesties!

    Nope, not going to cloth diaper.  It's just not something that fits well with our family dynamics/budget/my anxiety level/etc.  I really do admire all the moms that DO cloth diaper though.  We did not do it w/ DD and so we'll just keep things the same.

    Things are going well - feeling the baby move a LOT which is always so awesome and reassuring.  We find out the sex the week of the 12th and we can't wait b/c I have absolutely no gut feeling or prediction though I catch myself saying "he" every now and then.  It sure is a different world being pregnant w/ an active toddler - it was a lot easier when I could just nap whenever and sit down for as long as I needed to.  Now if I get to sit down for more than 5 minutes, it's a luxury!  And if DD would just get her act together w/ her night time sleep schedule, I'd really feel more rested!  Oh, and I'm finally eating more and staying hungry which is a nice change.  I miss cooking and eating together as a family so I hope that will come back soon.

  • QOTW: We'll be cloth diapering. I've been buying things as I find good deals and have almost a complete newborn and OS stash now for a really good price. I will SAH so the extra load of laundry every other day won't be too inconvenient and we won't have to convince day care or anything like that. We're pretty crunchy so the environmental/chemical factor is a big deal to us.

    Update: We have a heart beat! :) We had an appointment last Friday at 6w5d and the heart beat was 124bpm. My anxiety has calmed down a bit since then, but I am not having many symptoms so I still have moments of panic, worrying something is wrong. Our next appointment is at 10w5d and it's on the anniversary of my first miscarriage. Of course my crazy mind has thought, "Could it happen again? Could we get bad news again that day?" :-/ *Deep breaths*

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  • Congrats to the new mommies and BFP's!

     QOTW:  We plan to CD.  We'll use sposies for the first few weeks until we get settled but then switch.  I'm a little intimidated, as we both work (I own my own business, so maternity leave pretty much doesn't exist), so we'll see how it goes.  But that's the plan for now.

     Updates:  Nothing new really; we've scheduled the anatomy scan for the end of September.  I'm still feeling pretty good, although my sciatica is giving me problems.  And sleeping is really, really tough.  I'm getting a little tired of being questioned and/or judged about all of the decisions we've made - we go to a birthing center, we're CDing, not finding out the sex, etc.  I'm working on smiling and keeping my mouth shut.  Tongue Tied

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  • Congrats to all the new babies and BFPs

    We are CDing, we already do with toddler bat so we'll just use the same diapers with baby bat. She'll be in sposies for a few months though since we only have OS diapers and I'm not going to bother buying stuff for a newborn.

    I'm still feeling okish. I can sleep pretty good, but I am struggling not to waddle!

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  • Congrats on all the new babies and BFP's!

    QOTW:  No CDs for us.  Like pp's, I have a bunch of excuses, but the bottom line is that I just don't have it in me to keep up with it in addition to everything else.  I am lazy that way.

    Updates:  I bought crib bedding and nursey decor accessories!  We have houseguests this weekend and next weekend, and after that, no plans for houseguests, so the guest room will go away and officially become the nursery sometime by the end of September. 

    After a couple of weeks of pregnancy-and-stress-induced psychosis, DH and I had a come-to-Jesus meeting and hashed out a bunch of stuff that's been building up between us and causing us to be ugly to each other almost all the time.  I feel so good about where we are now, and we're communicating again and the stress really seems to have lifted.  Also, because for my birthday, he has hired someone to come scour our house top-to-bottom this week, and last night after she gave us a quote to do that, he told me he thinks we should hire her to come regularly every other week for the at least the next year.  Indifferent  Doh'okay!  This seriously is what has lifted the majority of my stress, that I didn't even know was the cause of it!  It's definitely best birthday present he could have thought of for me this year, and now I feel like I really can get everything else done before this baby comes.  Whew.

  • Congrats Boxer, Jennifer*L and michelleaxo!!

    QOTW:  We're going to be brave and try CDing with this bebe.  We didn't at all with DD, so this is a whole new world for us.  We're a little apprehensive but really excited too.  Hopefully it works out!  Luckily, BoxerMomma has been great at giving us advice and tutorials.  :)

    Update:  Not much to update.  Just chugging along.  Getting a little nervous about how quickly this pregnancy is reaching its final stages and the changes to come; but, I'm also a little sad about it being almost over too.  Of course, we're just super excited to meet the babe.  Now, if we could just decide on a name...

  • congrats to the new babies and BFPs!

    QOTW: i'm going to try doing a hybrid of disposables & CDs. disposables for the newborn stages and then CD maybe just weekends when the baby's a little bigger. it's hard enough doing our normal laundry more than 1x a week, so i want to be realistic with what we can handle.

    Update: Went in for my 37 wk appt this morning. ugh. i hate waiting around the dr's office for that long (hour & 40 min) just to get 7 minutes total of facetime. actually saw the OB today instead of the PA, and turns out i'm not effaced at all yet. still closed, long and high. the cervix check today was REALLY uncomfortable though. my bladder was getting shoved around. i'm working from home a couple days a week now. just too uncomfortable sitting in my chair at the office. overall, feeling pretty achy, but i don't think LO is showing up early, so i gotta tough it out a few more weeks. 

  • congrats to the new mommies and the BFP's

    QOTW:  we are not using CD.  we didn't think it would be a good fit for our family when we had our first LO and the same holds true now:)

    update:  been feeling really back is all better and it is soooo nice not having it bother me.  i'm getting some pretty bad varicose veins in my left leg and so some swelling...i'm pretty sure i'll have to have them surgically corrected later...suck!  baby J has been moving like crazy...he loves it when i eat.  we have our sibling class tonight at SSW so i'm interested to see how max does.  he finally points to my belly when we ask where baby J is and is good with giving hugs and kisses to baby J.  we've also been reading a couple of big brother books so hopefully that will all go along with tonight's class

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  • Question of the week:

    Are you going to cloth diaper? Why or why not?

    Yes!!  So excited!  I have a ton of articles I've saved on which ones to buy, how to get rid of the ammonia smell and rash, folding methods, detergent.  I decided to do it primarily because I didn't like the idea of wasting so many diapers.  When my nephew came to visit, there was so much garbage and I like knowing that I will be a little more green.  The cost factor doesn't hurt either. 




    Updates: How is everything going? Please share any updates you might have, including a recent bump pic!

    Things are going well.  I've been kind of anxious this week since the baby is changed position and I haven't felt movement as strong anymore.  I did kick counts last night and he was active but its just frustrating not to feel things as much.  My next ultrasound to check his growth is on 9/13 so I'm really excited to see him.  

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  • Congrats to Boxer, JenniferL and michelleaxo!

    QOTW: Yes, we've CDed DD since she came home from the hospital and we plan to do the same with this LO. We already have everything we need, I just need to run everything through the wash since they've been in storage. 

    Update: Had my 32 week appt. this morning and everything is looking good. Belly is measuring on track and baby's HB sounds nice and strong. 2 more biweekly appointments and then we'll go to every week. Eek!

    We really need to get going on the nursery. I plan to take out all the baby clothes tomorrow while DD is at MDO and wash the neutral stuff.

  • Leigha23 EDD: 5/1/12 (guess is girl)

    QOTW: no cloth diapers; it's just not for me. 

    Updates: none, still have all my early symptoms. Work has been so hectic I ended up with a migraine yesterday (not a lot of fun when all you can take is tylenol!). Other than that, we're just impatiently awaiting our first ob visit in two weeks. 

    We have so much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it.
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  • Congrats to all!!!

    QOTW: we will cloth once the UC falls off.  We cloth now, so why not do it with the second.  I would like to try some other diaps, but I'll have to talk about that with DH.  The set we have is already paid for...

    UPDATE:  Getting sick of having such a limited food list that tastes good and doesn't make me feel gross after.  Hoping that will all change very soon as I cross into 2nd tri.  Next week I will be having my NT scan--confession, I am mostly having it for the u/s.  I really am excited to hear the heartbeat.  Didn't get to hear it last time.  It will make it more "real" to me.  And, I figure once I hear it, I will be comfortable telling more people and work--and my principal.

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