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Wearing fake wedding rings

This happened during my last pregnancy and I just went in search of my fake wedding band & engagement ring (total cost $15).  My fingers have slowly been getting swollen and I did not want to end up getting my real rings stuck and cut off.  After 7yrs of marriage, it just felt funny to not have something on my fingers for the last few months of pregnancy.

Anyone else wearing fakes?

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Re: Wearing fake wedding rings

  • My ring stopped fitting last week.  I am really sad about it.  Right now I'm just wearing a thin plain silver band from a group of stackable rings I have. It's the only ring in my jewelry box that will fit right now. I'd wear nothing but I don't feel like dealing with all the side-eyes when out in public or walking around work.  I don't know if I'll get a cheapy $10 fake bling-ring or not.  Maybe for my showers?
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  • I am still wearing my real ones, but as soon as they no longer fit, I plan on getting fakes.  I, too, don't like the feeling of nothing there.
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  • Mine were not comfy pretty early. So we bought an eternity band that will fit my right hand when I am done being PG. So not my real wedding and engagement set but not fake. 
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  • My engagement ring stopped fitting almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant.  I took my wedding band off for good around 20 weeks.  Everything I've found I don't really care for but I did find an older silver fashion ring that I'm assuming I used to wear on my middle finger or perhaps my thumb and it seems to fit okay, so I wear it once in awhile but it's not that comfortable so I've been going without.  I miss my bands, I love them so much and they were so comfortable I forgot they were there.
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  • I picked up a cheapy from Walmart yesterday.  My real ones haven't been fitting for a while now, and I feel awkward not wearing anything.  I kind of like my new one!  Not too bad for $8.88.
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  • Mine stopped fitting pretty early, too. I've been wearing a set I inherited from my late great aunt that was always too big for me before.
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  • I'm still able to wear my bands, but if I couldn't I would be wearing a fake. I think its a personal preference thing and I feel more confident when I'm wearing mine. Judge me for that if you want, but its how I feel.
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  • I had to take mine off a few weeks ago... I keep meaning to buy another ring for that finger but I've been too busy to find one.  Just something fairly simple like a plain silver band, or something.
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  • Mine still fit although I wore them last time right up until I was induced, doesnt matter in L&D.. lol but I did go without them for 2 weeks while they were out getting refinished.. I missed them like crazy, if they end up not fitting ill just put them on a chain and wear them around my neck...
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  • I stopped wearing mine weeks ago. I have been wearing a ring that my husband gave me when we were dating instead. It is just a plain band with a tiny diamond in the middle but it was always a bit too big- until now.

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  • Had to stop wearing my wedding ring a few weeks ago. I have a fake set that I wear to go out, but I do wear my my wedding ring on a chain around my neck almost every day. 



  • I took my W-band off this last Sunday. I'm now wearing a cheap band from Kohl's. I stopped wearing my E-ring about a month ago, and I miss it..:o(
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  • I have a sapphire set that I got for our 2nd anniversary that is a half size larger then my diamond set.  I typically change them out or wear the sapphire set during the summer when my fingers swell....or in this case when I'm in my 3rd tri of pregnancy.
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