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Pack N Play Mattress How to make it more comfy!?

Does anyone know if they sell a pack n play mattress that is more comfortable then the one in it comes with? My baby tosses and turn all night when he is in it... and the top part seems to move around (bounces) so I am thinking of putting him on the bottom where it's more stable.. he 4.5 months about...

I saw that they sell porta crib ones, but they leave a gap around the edges... Anyone try to make the pack n play more comfortable for sleeping when away?TIA!

Re: Pack N Play Mattress How to make it more comfy!?

  • we have one and love it. it's way more comfy than the PnP mattress and it's similar to the one we have in his real crib. it fits snug, no gaps!



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  • My DD hated the pnp bassinet.  It definitely moved too much.  We moved her to her crib in her room at 4 weeks old, and that was much better.  We've used the mattress in the bottom of the pnp anytime we've traveled since...and it works just fine for her.  the bottom is much more secure.

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  • We have a mattress topper by MamaDoo Kids. And it is awesome! It not only does not leave gaps on the sides and it is firm, but it folds in 3 which makes it perfect for travel and storage. We couldn?t live without it! They have a better price in their website than in amazon, BTW.

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