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Dramatically Different Response to IVF Question?

I just completed my 3rd ivf cycle. (My FSH one year ago was 11) My first long lupron was converted to an IUI due to poor response. My second cycle was an estrogen priming in which I had 14 eggs, 9 fertilized and 5 were good enough to transfer or freeze. My most recent cycle, also an estrogen priming, only had 5 eggs and none of them fertilized. I am on very high doses of gonal F (450) but my protocols were identical and yet responses SO different. My doctor has no explanation other than poor quality eggs. ( I am 34). Has anyone else had a similar experience? I just started accupuncture but I am wondering if there are other ways to improve egg quality?

TTC # 2 since June of 2010. 3 Failed IUIs. IVF #1 (EPP) June of 2011 14r, 9f, 1 t, c/p (4 frosties) IVF #2(EPP) 5 retreived, 0 fertilized. No transfer. IVF # 3 (EPP) 10r 5f, 2t = m/c at 6 weeks.

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Re: Dramatically Different Response to IVF Question?

  • after my second failed IVF, i took a break...my RE recommend that I take DHEA in the meantime, along with accupucnture....the DHEA is supposed to help with egg quality...taking 3 months is optimal...i just finished my 3 months of it and got pregnant on our own...a true miracle...i credit it to luck, then the DHEA and accupuncture...

    best of luck!!!

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  • I had 4 failed IUIs and a failed IVF.  My IVF failed due to poor egg quality.  I go to the same RE as Jaime and he told me to take DHEA as well.  I am on Month 2 and scheduled to start IVF stims in November.  Talk to your RE about DHEA.  I've also heard that wheatgrass juice helps.  Good luck!
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