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Appropriate gift for teachers when leaving a daycare?

This is DD's last week at the center she's been for almost a year. She's been in the same room the entire time, and we really love the teachers. Is a $20-$25 gift card good? The problem is that there are seven teachers, so whatever we do has to be multiplied by seven.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Re: Appropriate gift for teachers when leaving a daycare?

  • My LO will be leaving her daycare at the end of the month after a little over a year there. I ended up giving "end of summer" gifts to her current teachers, because they will switch after Labor Day. And while I am appreciative to her new teachers, they will only know her for 3 weeks. This is what I did:

    Group gift of a calendar of all the kids from entire class: $8

    Group giftcard (Visa) from the entire class: $40 ($10 per teacher)

    Individual gift cards to Starbucks to each teacher with a card and picture of my LO: $45 ($15 per teacher)

    I wanted to give a bigger individual gift but didn't want to be the only family not participating in the group gifts. So overall, I gave about $27/teacher. I think your amount sounds very fair, especially considering how many you would have to buy.

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  • I found this really cute idea on Pinterest. 

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    Here is the link to the orginal post, bonus: it has the little flags as a printable pdf! 

    My DS is moving classes in his daycare at the end of this week so I did this idea for his 6 teachers in his class.  One lady is his main caregiver so I put a gift card for $30 in  her cup.   I found the cups for the best price at Wegmans for $5.99 a piece. 



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