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When do you take your glyburide?

My OB started me on glyburide today for my fasting sugars.  My postprandials have all been great, but I stuggle with my AM fasting numbers.

He told me that I should take the glyburide right before supper...and I'm a bit confused by that.

I've read that most people who struggle with fasting numbers take it right before bed...or am I wrong about that.

So, when do you take your glyburide?



Re: When do you take your glyburide?

  • That does seem strange. I had something similar happen when I was prescribed glyburide. I talked to the pharmacist and she too was confused so I called my OB. She cleared it up for me. It might be what you have to do as well. :)
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  • My problem was the opposite: my fasting numbers and post-breakfast numbers are great, but I struggled with my numbers after lunch and dinner.  My doctor put me on glyburide (a low dosage of 2.5 MG) a couple of weeks ago and told me to take the meds early in the morning, about 30 minutes before my breakfast.  However, I noticed that my sugar level crashed to WAY below safe levels early in the day so I talked to my doctor and she recommended taking the medicine right before lunch time.  This seems to work much better for me because it has really helped bring down my post-lunch and post-dinner numbers. 


    Maybe you should talk to your doctor about taking it early in the morning...?

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  • I had the exact problem that you did.  I had great numbers all day but the fasting numbers were hanging closer to 100 than under 95.  So my dr put me on 2.5 mg Glyburide but I take it after my pm snack right before bed.  Since being given the prescription I have eaten ice cream every night and still get numbers in the lows 60's and 70's!  I would call and ask why they have you taking it so early. 
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