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Buying ahead of time...

After seeing post below about buying, I just remembered a few issues I had with DS and getting gifts ahead of time. It goes along with buying too baby shower was in June and I had DS I. Sept, I got for my shower the maclaren umbrella stroller. before I even got to use it there was that issue with the fingers getting stuck/recall. By that time it was too late for me to return it and so even though I wasn't happy, I put the covers on the sides and kept it. Another item I had issues with was my convertible carseat. Our cousin got us the Eddie bauer one for my shower, so I did t need it until a year later when DS was 1. When we tried to put it into the car it didn't fit right rear facing. Plus the latch system was the cheap one with the hooks, not the clicky ones. So we had to go to bru and tru to try to return it, bru wouldnt do it, but tru did because they still had them in stock, with a little persuasion. Sooooo my long winded advice, be careful when buying things or getting gifts you won't be using for an extended period of time. If youdo get a gift and you are iffy on it,return it and hold on to the store credit until you need it item. Also, BRU has the shittiest return policies, so beware of your receipt dates.
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Re: Buying ahead of time...

  • Totally agree.

    I think it is always best  to wait to buy things like strollers and convertible car seats until  after your child is born. Kids are built differently and car seats aren't one size fits all. Bigger kids may need a wider seat and so forth. Or if you have a bigger kid you may want a seat with higher weight limits.

    With strollers I also think is is good to wait so you can figure out your needs. Buy one the car seat can go into and then take your baby shopping for a bigger one once you need a new one. Strollers and stroller choices are all about lifestyle and it is hard to now what will work for you before you actually have a child.

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