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Doula recs (for San Marcos)

I've had my heart set on using AABC since before becoming pregnant, but found out recently that we'll have to pay OOP. We've been seriously considering it, but ultimately decided it's best to save the money to use to well, live, after baby is born as I would like to SAH.

I've been pretty upset about now having to look at hospital birth. It's something that really scares me actually as hospitals freak me out. That's something I'll have to get over. 

I know that using a doula would help me with this experience. Any recs for ones that will work in San Marcos? Feel free to PM me if you feel more comfortable that way.


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Re: Doula recs (for San Marcos)

  • I have a very good friend that is an experienced doula in San Marcos - I just sent her a FB message to see if she's taking clients. Send me an email at cnapierk at aol and I'll let you know once she gets back to me.
  • Thank you! I will email you.
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