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How long did it take before you were awarded CS?

I left X at the end of July and we don't even have a hearing for temporary orders until October! In the meantime, I am barely surviving financially. How long did it take before you were awarded CS and how long before you received it (if ever)?

Re: How long did it take before you were awarded CS?

  • I filed at the end of August and the first meeting was scheduled for the beginning of October. My son's father decided he wasn't his father so we had to have a DNA test before anything could be discussed. After the results came back the next meeting was scheduled for the beginning of December. At that meeting he paid CS back to the day I filed. I received the first payment that he voluntarily had garnished from his paycheck by the end of December. Good Luck!
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  • I filed Dec 29, 2010.  Our hearing was scheduled for March 7, 2011.  He insisted on a paternity test and those results took about 6 weeks to come in.  I finally started getting support in May. 
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  • I filed April 2010. My first check came June 2011.
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  • Mine was fairly quick in the scheme of things. I filed for divorce (thereby also filing for custody/child support) in February and CS was "awarded" the very next month. I received my first CS payment (via wage garnishment) 2 weeks ago. So, 6 months from the time I filed.



  • I filed in October and that started the process of creating the temporary stipulated order.  Once that was in place (December) he had to pay me starting then.  He was fairly good about giving me checks for a while.  By the time the divorce was finalized in August, he had gotten behind...  I waited until December to file the paperwork with the state, and they started garnishing in February.

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  • Filed March 2009 

    Court Date beginning of September 2009

    First garnishment mid/end October 2009

    Yes it was pretty quick (in overall timelines compared to some) when you look at it written out, but it would've been a lot quicker had he complied with his paperwork instead of having my support officer get on his case about turning it in

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  • Filed in June of 2010 and I haven't seen anything. Its still in the court system because he has been moving around. Like you, financial times are hard, and that extra money would help out a lot (especially with daycare). All I can tell you is to stay checking with you local CS office. My office is tired of hearing from me, but its my job to keep on it. I am E's mother and if don't care, who will?
  • Oh geez, this is a very sore subject with me.  I filed in November 2010, when DD was about 10 days old.  I still don't have anything.  Not a temporary order.  Nothing.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
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  • 8 weeks after I filed, they started taking it out of his paychecks and sending it to me.  He didn't contest anything though.

    One week after I filed, we were notified of the meeting date with a counselor, scheduled for 2 weeks from then.  One week after that meeting we received the calculation and the support order.  Four weeks after that is when his employer started taking it out of his paychecks.  He was responsible for paying that amount though back to the day we had the meeting with the counselor.

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