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Mrs. Handy - re:gender of baby #3

I am really torn about what I want, boy or girl.  I really really wanted 2 girls, and now I think it would be fun to have a boy.  And I know DH would love it.  But, 3 kids are expensive, and so another girl would mean clothes wouldn't be a huge new expense.  And I'm one of 3 girls, so I love that I have 2 sisters.  DH is one of 4 boys, so he also likes having all of the same gender.  I am so clueless on what I want.  Obviously, healthy is my #1 concern. 

Re: Mrs. Handy - re:gender of baby #3

  • I know with us, everyone was so thrilled that I had a boy after two girls, we got a ton of clothes - so at least for this first 9 months - I have had to buy much for DS!

    I say boy.  I mean, you don't want to miss out on getting sprayed during a diaper change, right?  Stick out tongue

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  • ha! wait til he asks to pee on the potty, does pee and while you turn around to flush, he stands there and proudly pees on tha floor
  • Boys are fun! But 3 girls would be cool too.

    It's fun to speculate.


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