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Almost passed out today.

I know I haven't posted much lately but I wanted to see if anyone here has experienced this before.

I was at work (I start at 7:30) and started feeling funny while doing microscope work around 9.  I went to break at 9:15 and after going up some stairs, almost passed out in the cafeteria.  I couldn't see, everything was black, and felt like I was going down.  I sat at the table for a while, tried to eat something, but felt nauseous so couldn't...then had my coworkers bring me to the break room. After drinking water, OJ and eating a tiny bit, I still wasn't feeling good so I went to the ER.  I was there all day.  Everything came back normal, except for a slightly low pulse, which is hereditary and I've always had it.  The doc thinks that my low pulse, with blood volume increasing like it does in pregnancy, is what caused it - my body couldn't keep up.  I got an IV.  I was sent home, but I still felt sort of weird.  I am home now, and feel ok, but I am worried because I don't want that to happen again.  It was so scary!  This happened twice before but only during pregnancy, but never this bad.  Has anyone else experienced this before?  I am anemic, but its getting better because I am taking iron now.  So weird.  I'm also scared that they are going to put my on bed rest if these almost fainting episodes keep happening.  ggrr.

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Re: Almost passed out today.

  • Did anyone check your glucose before you drank the OJ?

    I was in the OR one day and almost fainted/vomited.  I had similar episodes before then but none that severe.  I walked straight over to my MFM's office and my glucose was 38.  I had a horrendous headache but was still mentating.  I couldn't believe it and neither could they.  I had even eaten breakfast that morning.

    I learned to eat smaller meals more often. 



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  • That happened to me at about 11 to 13 weeks of my pregnancy.  I passed out riding the train into work - people around me thought that I was having a seizure - but passing out looks very similar.  It has not happened since then - thankfully.

     I felt the same way as I could feel something wasn't quite right so I was able to collect myself and prepare for whatever it was.  I just ate when I got into work and called the doctor right away after of course calling my hubby to tell him what had happened.  It was very scary since it was so early on in the pregnancy.

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