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For second time moms who used a doula with the first . . .

Are you using a doula again this time around or going solo with your DH (or someone else)?

We used a doula the first time and felt she was a big help, but we decided it wasn't an absolute necessity this time around since we have been through this already.  Also, for this birth we're working with a midwife instead of a doctor and are going to a birthing center.  I'm still waffling on this decision though and wanted to hear what other second (or more) time moms are doing.  Do you think a doula is necessary/helpful the second time?

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Re: For second time moms who used a doula with the first . . .

  • We didn't have a doula the first time (midwives, NB friendly hospital) but ended up getting on the second time around.  Even though DH was great during labor, having another set of hands seemed like it would be an advantage.  My first labor was fairly long and DH could hardly get a break to go to the bathroom.  I was really glad we went with the doula for our second (midwife, homebirth) because it ended up being even harder than the first and her support was so helpful!
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  • Yes, we are using the same one. I couldn't imagine not having her during labor. - I support Newt Gingrich's idea of colonizing the moon if it'll help me get away from Newt Gingrich.

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  • We used one the second time as well. Every labor is different, so while you may think you have done it once and don't need the extra support you have no way of knowing what your next labor will bring.
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  • I had a home birth with #2 but still opted for a doula.  While I don't think they are necessary, I'm a huge believer in the benefits of doula care.  I would never want to give birth without one.

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  • I had a hospital, MW natural birth th first time around. Second time my first call was to my doula!!  I wanted her there no matter what! I'm so glad too because my second was a scheduled C for breech twins and I know I wouldn't have kept it together without her!!!
  • I liked the fact that she was there for support. We didn't necessarily need her as this L&D experience was much easier. But DH was helping me get through my contractions while she used the TENS unit when it was so intense. Then throughout my L&D experience, she was taking pix. I got a CD with all the pix. Some were really good. I totally think she was worth the investment. I would rather be overprepared than not. GL in your decision.
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  • It was peace of mind to know she'd be there. DH has diabetes so he has to leave to attend to his food/insulin neesds occasionally. And it was nice to be pampered by 2 people. It's not so fun making DH hold your puke bucket.
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