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Cycle update

Well, on day 3, I started baby apsirin, metax, & estrace.  Then, for days 5-9 I took letrozole.  So, today I went in for blood and ultrasound and my lining is at 5.7 mm and my estrogen was at 1,000.  I am hoping that it is a good start since I only need to get to 7 mm for the RE to do a FET.  My hope is that this is good since according to the tech, I am not close to ovulation yet. (I am doing a natural FET because the supressed have a negative effect on my lining)  I go back in on Thursday and I hope my lining has gotten chuncker again :0)
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Re: Cycle update

  • Sounds good so far!  Good luck!
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  • I have also started drinking raspberry leaf tea to help with lining..not sure if it's working but my lining has been close to 9 for the last couple of cycles :)
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  • The three layers is more important than thickness!
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  • Good luck! Dont know much about lining yet, I am sure I will learn more starting in September.
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    Heading back to the RE to try for #2 Appt Sept. 6th.
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