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Help/Support Please!

Hi ladies, I had a pain-med free birth just over 3yrs ago and stayed traumatized! The pain was incredibly horrific, it did not feel manageable whatsoever! Also I hemorrhaged, after was incredibly painful as well I tore six-eight times(for some reason the mid-wife did not want to use stitches although she said I did need them), I could not pee with out feeling like i was peeing out blades I needed my peri bottle for 4wks, the pain to have a bm was indescribable, I was not able to walk, sit, stand, or anything for 4wks, to this day I still cannot sit for a long time with out pain.

So, how can I help during the labor/birth (I did use the tub for a while), how can I help with the postpartum pain? Anyway to speed up the healing especially the urinating pain? Thanks for any help/advice!

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Re: Help/Support Please!

  • Is this MUD?

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  • MUD? Sorry not sure what that means?
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  • Every birth and pregnancy is different from one another. I think you need to realize that and maybe find an OB or midwife that you have trust in. I have no advice on pp care, but I'm sure you can find someone who would be able to reassure you it doesn't have to be that bad.

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