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Menopur/repronex questions

We will be starting a superovulation/iui cycle hopefully in October. RE is willing to try whichever injectable I prefer. I have tried femara/repronex combo and had 2 follies that stopped responding and were not able to mature. RE is hoping for 3-4 follies.

I am wanting to try just straight Menopur this cycle. I have read a lot about people using combos of follistim/menopur but have not read anything about a straight menopur cycle. Am I missing something?
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Re: Menopur/repronex questions

  • I don't know about using it solo. Last IUI cycle, I took Femara cd3-7, and I took 75 units (i.u.?) of menopur on cd8-10.  From that I got 3-4 good follies (the one I call #4 was just 12mm, but they say for menopur that is still a good follie.

    For my current cycle, they want to see 4-5 good follies (I'm 41yo), and so I took Femara cd3-7 again, and we doubled the menopur, so cd 8-9, and then again tonight, I take 2 bottles, so 150 units.

    I will know tomorrow around 7:45 mountain time how many/how big my follies are, and if we are going to trigger.  Because this is our last IUI cycle, we are only going to trigger if my lining looks great and I have at least 3-4 follies, because we don't want to waste our time, and also, just to cover all bases despite that some research suggests the difference isn't enough to justify the cost, we are going to do back-to-back IUI, just in case even a 5% improvement helps. I will try to update, but if I haven't updated by 10:30 mountain, I will be in a meeting all day and then have to leave to get DS, take him to swimming, make dinner, put him to bed, so I won't be able to update until 9pm mountain.

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  • I don't know about using it on it's own.  I used it with gonal-f this cycle.  I liked that I had no side effects.

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  • I am also not sure about using it by itself.  I have also used menopur with bravelle.  They are both injections and I would mix them together in the same syringe.  I used both of these drugs with both my IUI cycle and my  IVF cycle.  GOOD LUCK :)

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  • image wife07mom09:
    I would ask what your RE wants to do before making deicisons about very expensive and potent drugs

    Um.. Wow. 
    I have been doing fertility treatments for almost 3 years. Do you really think I don't understand the importance of talking to an RE and how expensive and potent these drugs are? 

    I came here to ask as I am exploring options and looking for other's experiences. RE said he is willing to work with me and let me price out which injectable is the cheapest to buy and we would go from there. I'm not saying I am running out and buying menopur right now, I am just wondering if any of the nice ladies here have had any experience with only using menopur in a cycle. RE may suggest that I can only use menopur as a combination with a straight FSH gonadatrophin, like I said I was just looking to hear other's experiences. 

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