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Christmas ideas for 4 YO girl

Yeah, don't shoot me but I plan ahead and tend to buy through the year as I see things on sale.  I have some little stuff for DD already but am stumped as to what to get her on the "big" item.  Last year she got a Loving Family dollhouse I scored off CL with all the furniture so that's out.  She already has a play kitchen.  She likes art and drawing and coloring (one of her small items are paint brush pens and MIL is getting her the color wonder finger paints).  She loves dress-up (has some already) and is getting one outfit.  She is really hit or miss on dolls.  Likes her soft ones but doesn't play with them consistently.  Played with a little Calico critters set my mom bought her on a recent trip but don't know if that would be a consistent thing or not.  Loves books.  Likes to play with her click start but don't plug it in enough for her so maybe a play laptop or mobi or leapster where she can turn it on and off herself.  Thoughts and ideas?  TIA!!!

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  • DD just got a Leapster Explorer for her 4th birthday and plays with it at least once a day.  She can run it by herself and will sit and chill out and play it for about an hour.

    She loves her Calico Critters stuff.  More recently she is into pretend play with her Critters and dolls.  At 3, not as much.

    Two wheeled Razor Scooter is also a big hit.  She loves to play outside.

  • Go-Go Walking pup (maybe so last year, but it is a huge hit in our house)

    iXL (similar to a Leapster I think)

    Dream Dazzler Hair Salon (that was Lucy's big Christmas present last year, at her request)

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  • Does she have an easel? DD loves hers and it gets lots of use.

    She also likes the Melissa & Doug castle and we have lots of Playmobil - she especially likes the zoo and vet clinic. 

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  • I buy stuff opportunistically throughout the year!
    We are getting DD one of those M&D Trunki suitcases because she has been begging for a suitcase.  Also for DD and her 2 year old sister, a Build A Dream Playhouse (cardboard playhouse you can color on).

    I'm not sure what else.. DD is really into unicorns, and she wants a Barbie size pony too, so something along those lines.  She likes Pinkalicious too, and there are some Pinkalicious items we may buy (like card games etc).

    She hasn't been big into dolls, but she loves puppies, so something along those lines.

    I have basically outlawed stuffed animals so I am NOT getting her any more!

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