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18 yo Step-Daughter Expecting

My step-daughter is expecting a baby in December. Obviously this wasn't planned but it isn't a situation that can be changed so we are moving forward. She doesn't live with us right now - not sure if that will change or not - but I'm looking for suggestions of things I can do to help her out as I know this is going to be very hard for her (probably much harder than she realizes). So far we are trying to help her with any of the state programs that maybe able to help her out. Any suggestions?

Re: 18 yo Step-Daughter Expecting

  • Right now she needs you and her dad to be supportive, and it seems like you are. Is the father around, or will she be doing it solo? My mom was my support system and it would have been very very tough with out her. I never applied for any government assistance so I dont have any advice in that area. Tell her to get on the bump. Were a pretty great support system and the ladies here are full of great advice
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  • I was 19 when I found out I was expecting. What helped me the most was my family. I had both my parents as my support system, along with my extended family. Things like WIC, Medical (a biggie trust me), and eventually Childcare were my biggest assistance. Regardless if she is on either parents' medical programs make sure that she get on state pregnancy medical. This not only covers any and all costs with having the baby, but will also cover the baby as well. This is super important. 

    Other than that just make sure your there to support her. Make sure that she has everything she needs. I know my family really pulled together to make sure I had clothes, stroller, crib, ect. The bigger ticket items are going to probably the most difficult (if she has income issues).

    Also, there are birthing/parenting classes out there as well. Make sure she is enrolled in one. They give out a lot of good breathing exercises, information on safety, birthing, and just having a newborn around. This way she can be prepared for the huge struggle she is in for. I took one and I am thankful I did. It made me realize that I have a lot on my plate coming.

    I really hope she has a stress free and easy pregnancy. If she needs any info or just other pregnant moms to talk to The Bump was a huge help. I lived on here for most of my pregnancy. It taught me a lot and got me prepared for what was to come. Well GL! 

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