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Subchorionic Hematoma

 Help! I have been diagnosed with a SCH and I am completely scared out of my mind!!! Brown spotting/bleeding.... Baby is doing perfect but mama is freakin' out. Re-check U/S on Thursday 9/1... wish I had a doppler @ home! I'm a wreck. Had a MC in 2005 and I just keep thinking back to that. The internet is the worst place to look (but you'all knew that!). Any reassuring stories would be much appreciated!



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Re: Subchorionic Hematoma

  • Breathe Smile I have one too....I have had it since I got pregnant. There isn't anything that can be done about it but the drs will watch it if they are worried. Mine causes daily spotting and it's so scary but I trust my drs that everything looks great with baby so I have to hold on to that and believe it's ok!

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  • I had one and am still pregnant with LO.
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  • I had a small one. I had spotting (sometimes brown, sometimes orange-red) from week 5 through week 17 or so, when it finally resolved.

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  • I have one and am 25 weeks along tomorrow.  They found the SCH at my 20 week ultrasound.  I had some spotting that week but not much.  I have been told to limit my exercise and was grounded from flying.  I've had a couple of ultrasounds since, without any changes, but it always looks like our baby boy is using it as a punching bag. 

    I would stop reading what you see online.  Most articles online refer to 1st trimester SCHs and not anything later, so you will get freaked out. 

    Is this your only issue?  Se I also have high prolactin levels and a straight umbillical cord, so it feels like i goo to a ton of appointments every week and I'm only 25 weeks along. 

    I hope you find some reassurance. 

  • I had one and bled A LOT from week 5 - 13.  I had a positive outcome - see siggy.  (Premature birth was unrelated to SCH.) 
  • I had one at 12w-16w.  It was scary but now I am 37w!
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  • I have had two!  One healed, and one is still healing.  I know it's scary, but these things happen on their own.  The more I've read about people who have experienced them, the more reassured I've been.  I'm sure the doctor will keep a watchful eye on it (i've been going in every week for mine).  I actually just posted about topic the other day, it's good to know you're not alone!
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