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Tell me it will be ok....

Sigh. We visited a daycare this morning that we are pretty sure we will go with. LO was so overwhelmed and just cried and cried when he saw the other kids and when the DCP held him. He hasn't cried like that for a long time, so it was really sad to hear.

He didn't nap this morning, and he was off schedule this weekend because of the power outage, so I'm sure he was tired. Plus he's teething. He fell asleep pretty much the minute we put him back in the car and was asleep in his crib when I left home for work.

So I guess there will be a rough adjustment when he starts daycare. But he'll be ok, right?

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Re: Tell me it will be ok....

  • It WILL be okay!!!  DD#1 cried every time we left our DCP for the first couple of weeks...then she was fine and cried when we wanted to take her home!;)  It can be a hard adjustment and it sounds like there might have been some other issues today, so don't worry too much.
  • The first week or two is really hard, but soon they make the connection that daycare = fun. Now DS wants to go on the weekends. You can always ease into it - we did a 2-4-6-8 (2 hours first day, 4 hours second day, etc) which made it easier on me at least!
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  • I've heard it takes older babies and toddlers longer to adjust to daycare than infants, so give it some time.  Also, try not to assume he will react the same way in the future as he did when he was clearly off his schedule, tired and teething.  He's probably more overwhelmed because of all of that than he would be on a regular day.
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  • It really will be okay, I know it sucks at first, but soon it will be routine and he will have fun...

    Our daycare provider said our girl cried a lot in the mornings the first three days of daycare and then was happy in the afternoon...I'm sort of glad she didn't tell me that when it was happening! Now DD loves daycare and her "friends"...she's the smallest at 6 mos, the others are one year and 10 months. 

  • It will be OK! That first week or so is TOUGH. I remember the first time I dropped J off for a trial run, left him there for a few hours--when I picked him up he was crying a cry I'd never heard before. It was totally heartbreaking. BUT. His DCP said he just needed time to adjust to being away from us, and to the new sights and sounds, and that after a week or so he'd be fine.

    And he was! After a week, he got into a routine (more or less--he was never a great daycare napper) and now he LOVES it. As long as you feel comfortable with the daycare, I'm sure he'll be fine.

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  • the 1st couple of weeks will be rough, harder on you than on him but yes, IT WILL BE OK


  • Hugs. It will be OK for both of you. The little ones are so much more adaptable and resilient than you think. If you have a good feeling about the quality of care, he will be just fine.
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