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Excited and Pumped for a natural birth!

Hello All,

I have been coming to the natural board for a while now, but I don't think I have ever written anything! I decided I wanted a med-free birth in my first trimester, and had a bit of a hard time convincing DH. He slowly came around, and this last weekend we went to our Childbirth Classes, and he is now completely on board with me having a natural birth!

It felt great to hear him say "I know you can do it" What a difference it makes to be educated! Also, the one thing I never knew, and I am STILL amazed at is the "Breast Crawl" This is an absolute phenomenon to me, and I am using this as my motivation to stick with med-free! The study shows it was WAY more successful with natural births as apposed to births that used interventions.

I just wanted to come in and say hello, as I come here often to read questions, and birth stories! I am REALLY starting to get pumped for my natural birth, and I'm so happy that Hubby is with me! (not so happy with all the stupid comments I get from family though!) BUT those comments are also my motivation- I want to prove them wrong!

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Re: Excited and Pumped for a natural birth!

  • Great news that your hubby is on board. I think supportive DHs can make all the difference in the world.

    I know what you mean about the breast crawl - I saw a video of this in my Bradley class last week and was just amazed. 

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  • that is so awesome!!! i had all natural the 1st time and will this time too something that helped me the 1st time was my midwife told me that if you make it to 6cm your pain will not get worse.... really helped having a number to focus on and now that if i made it that far you can make it all the way!!! you got it girl!!! and i had plenty of people tell me i was going to be begging for drugs but i too was sure i would prove them wrong! its all about your state of mind going into it! your body is built to do it!
  • LOVE the breast crawl too!  And I can't wait for that feeling right after birth; I can't imagine wanting to numb that with meds.  The more I learn about natural the more excited I get about birth. 

    My belief is if you get your head right your body will follow.  Commit to it, prepare, get support and we all have great chances of natural births. 

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