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Daycare & Bouncer Seat Question

If your LO isn't mobile yet, where do they hang out when they are at daycare?  DD just started daycare last week and whenever I pick up/drop off all of the non-mobile kids are in bouncers/rockers.  I don't mind her being in one of these in general, but I'm not sure I like the idea of her being in one all day. That said, beyond breaks for tummy time and walks, I'm not sure where else I expect them to put her. (she naps in the bouncer as well)

I'm new to this daycare thing and just going back to work, so I know I'm overly sensitive.

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Re: Daycare & Bouncer Seat Question

  • We were really worried about this too when we started daycare.  I would much rather a bouncy chair than a swing, since they never seem to have batteries at our daycare, so there is always one of the teachers sitting with a few bouncy chairs around her, bouncing them with her foot and singing to the kids, while she feeds another baby a bottle.  We tried not to have them nap in the bouncy and daycare really helped get on a crib napping routine.  In a few months, they can sit in an exersaucer and play during the day too, but it is tough when they are that little, since they can't do much on their own, but there are 3 or 4 babies per teacher. 
  • My daycare doesn't have things like bouncers, swings, exersaucers and pack n plays, so the non-mobile babies are typically being held, worn (in a bjorn), or hanging out on a mat or boppy on the floor. But from what I've learned of infant daycare, this seems to be a fairly unusual set-up. If you're concerned, I'd ask them how long she spends in the bouncer and what type of activities they do with her during the day.
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  • Bouncy seat, or sitting on the lap of the DCP.  There is a low ratio of babies to DCPs, so it's not that big of a deal for us.  IMO, as long as the DCP and the other kids are interacting with him and he's not just left in the bouncy seat and ignored, I'm ok with it.  When I pick him up from DC, only on rare occasions is he sitting in the bouncy; the DCP is usually holding him. 

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  • I had the same concern. I asked our DCP and she said they spent some of the day in the bouncy or swing, but they spent most of the day on the blanket on the ground and playing with toys or being held. Ours were the only two infants at the DC (all the other kids were 1.5 years+) so I think the two DCPs would hold one of them or play with them on the floor.

    It's a pretty short time (even though it feels eternal) until they can sit in the exersaucer and then on the ground. 

  • have you popped in at a different time of day? I'm wondering if the babies are in bouncers/swings during drop-off and pick-up times because it allows the providers to quickly chat with parents as they drop off or pick up their kids....

    I know our DCP has a routine and during the busy drop off and pick up times the older kids are usually doing an activity where they don't require as much supervision so she's able to chat with parents briefly to give any important updates, etc.

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  • Do they have those activity gyms? My DCP has 3 infants about the same age and every day when I pick her up she's somewhere different - either under an activity gym, on the carpet, bouncy seat, being held, or on a Boppy. I know she naps in the crib so I think she moves around quite a bit during the day. One time when I picked her up one of the older boys was reading her a story while she sat in her bouncy seat which I thought was so friggin' adorable. I think they can still get interaction even if they're in the bouncy seat, but I would definitely want to hear that she's getting some physical activity as much as possible.

    ETA: The first DCPI interviewed said the young infants stay in the car seat most of the day. Indifferent Needless to say, I crossed her off the list pretty quicly.

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