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Repost: Best Chairs at Penney's

I posted a while ago about this but thought I'd see if I got a few more replies - does anyone have one of the best chairs gliders from Penney's? I think one is the sweetheart, one is the peyton...  They are not the storytime series, and look a little smaller, but still say it's a solid wood frame, etc.  I really like how they look, but am nervous about buying a chair without sitting in it.  My main questions are - how roomy is it, how high/low is the back of the chair, and how firm or soft is it?


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Re: Repost: Best Chairs at Penney's

  • I don't have either of those chairs, but I did have have a Best couch and recliner. They were awesome. So comfortable and they held up really well. I don't have them anymore, but I sold them to a co-worker and she and her husband love them too. They're 10 years old, on their second owner, and they're holding up great.

    Not sure if that helps at all, but thought I'd offer it up.

  • That's great, thank you  - seems like their stuff is really good quality.
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  • The Peyton is part of the storytime series. I love mine - it's quality made, super comfy, and everything that has spilled on it just wipes right off.
    I ordered mine from a local furniture store and got to pick out the fabric so it matches our nursery. They charged more for the chair, but it was less than the total of chair plus shipping from JCP.

    The dimensions are all on the Best chair website. You can go to a local story that carries other Best's and sit in them, then compare how you felt they were to the larger/smaller dimensions of the chair you think you want.

  • Thanks, that's good to know! I didn't realize it was part of that series.  Hopefully one of the other stores in my area will have ship-to-store or something; the delivery from penney's is really expensive!
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  • Hey kmm, not sure if you're ever over on Pets anymore (I hardly am), but this post was on there today and blu-eyed just ordered one of those for her nursery so you could check with her on the quality after she receives it!

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  • Thanks!  I still lurk, but haven't been posting much....just don't have much pet drama to post about!  I'll check that out.
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