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I've always kind of wondered... (nb photos)

...why it seems that most everyone's newborn photos are in a very distinct style (knit caps, head propped up on hands, use of hammocks, etc.) but then my step-mom just gave me a book of newborn photos by Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden.  I'm not sure if they started this trend or not.  I haven't really thought about this much until she gave me this, but how did you decide what kinds of photos you wanted to have taken?  Did you choose the photog based on their style of photos or just tell them what you wanted?  I'm thinking I want something more traditional, but I'm not sure.
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Re: I've always kind of wondered... (nb photos)

  • We choose our photog based on her style.  I have more that aren't the common propped on his hands, knit hat, etc., but I don't have the digital images so I can't post them.  We didn't ask for specific poses we just let her do her thing because we liked her other pics and figured she's the professional. 

    I think like most things newborn photography goes through trends, like a few years ago everyone had the pic of their naked newborn held in the Dad's hands. 

    I would really look at the photog's portfolio and decide who you like based on that.  I usually knew immediately upon looking at a portfolio if I liked their style.   Some newborn photog's are much better with babies than others and you can really tell in their pics.

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  • Pretty much what YD said.  I was about the photographers style.  Not all do the same level of work.  I also wanted one that would sell/give the digital images.  Not many do that here in Houston.

    I also like my photographers style of child photos too, so I hope to use her throughout the years.  And as it turns out, my photographer did IVF and her son and my son have the same name.  I felt a real connection with her.

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