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Due Date List

BIG congratulations to our newest graduate, Daisy91606! You September girls are up next.

Please respond to this post with any additions/updates.


mcbelle - 9/5, Team Pink

ambigs -  9/10, Team Green

SSchiefer ? 9/22, Team Pink

SweetTea*83 ? 9/27, Team Green

militaryissued ? 10/11, Team Blue

leahandbuck - 10/23, Team Pink

Ldqam516 - 12/7, Team Pink

ebd08 ? 12/8, Team Green

DubsWifey - 12/20, Team Green

msBlackandGold ? 12/23, Team Pink

Barrett08 ? 12/28, Team Pink

tkhrabs313 - 12/29 - Team Blue

Kalschmi ? 1/3, Team Blue

Raches ? 1/6, Team Pink & Blue (twins!)

sheila.scully ? 1/23, Team Green

Cheekie4 ? 2/28, Team Green

michelle121110 - 3/4/12, Team Green

andiandlou - 3/9/12, Team Green

stephanie0031 ? 4/2, Team Green

data5112 - 4/21, Team Green


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Re: Due Date List

  • I'm due 3/21 (for now at least)  and we're team green.


  • So many babies :)


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  • Hello Ladies,

     I am still very new to this board.  I have only lived in Indiana for 2 1/2 weeks!  But, I am due November 5th and we are team green. 



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  • Got you guys added. Welcome!


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