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Velamentous Insersion?

I found out today that this is the medical term for my chord/placenta issue. My reactions from the different doctors in my practice have varied so much. One was all doom and gloom and one hardly saw it as a problem as long as they watch it. Of course I did what you're not supposed to do, look it up on the ole' internet and scare the crap out of myself all over again! I'm going to the high risk Dr. this Thursday to see what she has to say, Anyone ever deal with this issue?

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  • Not to scare you, buy you definitely need to be followed closely. I have seen cases where it turns into no big deal. I have also seen a case where the mom decided not to continue prenatal care and it became a big deal.


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  • Hey af2004rn, thanks for the post! I am totally into prenatal care. My OBGYN knows about my situation and I'm seeing a high risk specialist this week. I'm pretty sure they will now be meeting with me every 3 weeks, instead of once a month and I know they will be doing more sonos. From eveything I have read it seems like diagnosis and vigilance is the key to making sure it doesn't become a big deal!
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  • I've seen babies born where the velamentous insertion was not diagnosed until after (vaginal) delivery and the baby was fine.  I have also seen one where the undiagnosed velamentous insertion was near the cervix and when they broke her water she started to have bleeding (because the cord vessels had unknowningly been broken)...emergency c born without a heartbeat and literally almost no blood supply...but was resuscitated for a long time...had cooling therapy...and has appeared normal since. Very scary.  I would stick with the doctor who seems most concerned about the issue because I bet this doctor will be the one who uses the safest practice to deliver your baby.  The laid-back-doc may not treat it as seriously as it could be.
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  • Hi there. I know this was posted a long time ago but hopefully you will see this note...

    I had this condition with my daughter. I was diagnosed at my 19 week US. Let me start by saying everything turned out great! My baby is now 13 months old and crazy :-) The condition does require you to be monitored closely but with careful monitoring you will be fine. In addition to my regular OB appts I was seen by a high risk OB every 4 weeks for an ultra sound to monitor growth. Once i hit 32 weeks I went in for NSTs twice a week. At 37 weeks I was induced because the fluid levels started to decrease. Even at 3 weeks early my daughter was 7lbs 1oz, so she was clearly getting all the nutrients she needed even with a messed up cord!

    So dont google too much, trust your doctors, drink lots of water and look forward to your little one that you will be meeting before you know it :-) Feel free to contact me if you have any detailed questions I am happy to help. Linzd16 at hotmail dot com.

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