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What to expect?

Ladies, I need your help!

I failed my GD 1 hr test and go in on Thursday for the 3 hr test. I want to know what to expect if I fail that one too? Any info would be great!




Re: What to expect?

  • With my first pregnancy i had to see a dietitian who put me on a special diet. i had to test my blood at every meal, and i think when i woke up too cant remember too much. i had to record all the food i ate. and when my son was born they tested his blood also. your dr will explain will more.
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  • If you do happen to fail the 3 hour, your OB will most likely refer to you diabetes education (usually done by a dietician). Depending on your numbers, you will probably start out diet controlled- you will test your blood sugar and record your numbers.

    Some people are started right away on meds, depends on your situation I guess.

    However, a large number of women fail the 1 hour and pass the 3 hour, so I'd try to relax for now, until you have the results from the 3 hour.

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