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Sterile water injections?

I learned about this technique tonight in my birthing class. Of all the reading I've done I hadn't heard of this before! Is anyone familiar with it or used it before? I'm very curious in case I end up with back labor.

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Re: Sterile water injections?

  • I had BAD back labor with my DS (which was a natural delivery) and I did NOT have the injections but my midwife did mention at my follow up visit that she did them on a mom who had bad back labor the day after me and they helped her a TON.

    She kep apologizing that she didn't offer it to me etc... I said no big deal b/c I managed and got thru it.

    This time around I am seeing a chiro to hopefully help with this baby NOT being posterior as i'm hoping to avoid back labor this time around BUt I am def going to ask my midwives about the injections if I do end up with back labor again-

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  • Yes, I have read about this, but never heard of anyone who got it. I am really interested in it though because I have contractions all the time and feel them strongly in my back (even though LO is not posterior, which is good).  From what I have read about it though it can be great for women with back pain to get through without going to the drugs.  
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  • We just talked about these in birth class and my instructor said they are amazing! She also advised that they hurt like a b*tch initially (Meaning when they give them to you).
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  • I had them done after 20 hours of back labour.  While they did relieve the pain and make it easier, I would NEVER have them done again.  They hurt like a *@#$&^*@ going in and they have to do 4 inections so you have to feel the pain twice (at my hospital they do 2 shots at the same time and then 2 more right after).  Plus, they only work for 2 hours so every 2 hours you have to have it done again.  The relief was great, the pain to get it not so much.  I would take back labour over that....

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  • I had them done during my home birth for my severe back labor.  I agree with the previous poster.  They warned me it would hurt like a bee sting.  Ummm- NO- not a bee sting.  IT HURT REALLY, REALLY BAD!!!  Plus I only heard "two injections" and not "two on each side" so when that third one came, I screamed like they had just amputated my arm.  My DH says that was the worst part of my whole labor.  It did give me some relief from my back labor for 2 hours but quite honestly, I do not think I will ever agree to that horrific pain od saline papules ever again!!!!!
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