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Is Dylan unisex these days?

SO wants to name our future son Dylan. I like it, but I have heard of girls using this name recently and I am against unisex names. WDYT?

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Re: Is Dylan unisex these days?

  • It's a boy name.
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  • As far as I am aware it is a boys name.

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  • I've heard it on a girl, but I don't consider it unisex. I don't think it's headed to go the way of Avery and Ashley any time soon, either.
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  • I think it is one of those names that people name a girl to be kind of trendy, but I doubt it will ever catch on to be completely a girl's name like Lindsey, Ashley or Avery. I compare it to Drew, Jo, Charlie, Tyler, Bradley, Billie, Alex, Toni - All of these I have heard on girls, but they distinctively shout boy to most people. I'm hoping that's the case anyway because we have a boy Dylan on the way!

  • In my mind, its a boy name.  However, I saw someone else on one of TB's boards had a girl Dylan.
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  • Just because some people use a boy's name for a girl does not make it unisex.

    All boy.

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  • i love Dylan for a girl!  so cute.
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  • Def a boy name!
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    Just because some people use a boy's name for a girl does not make it unisex.

    All boy.

    Totally this.

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  • I am not a fan of unisex names and according to SSA stats it's definitely more common as a boy name, but the only Dylan I know is a girl.
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  • I don't recall ever coming across a female Dylan in my entire life.
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  • Dylan, for a girl, is absolutely ridiculous.
  • It's a boys name, but I do know a baby girl Dylan.  I surprisingly don't hate it on a girl, but definitely still think it is a boy name.
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  • I know an adorable little girl named Dyllan. She's a cutie pie..
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  • well it SHOULD be a boy name...
  • I most often hear it for boys, but I do know a girl MY age (28) that is named Dylan and it suits her.
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