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Stupid lab

Today I had my second beta draw to see if my levels were dropping, since it's now been 7 weeks since my D&C and you would think the hcg would be out of my system.  Last week it was 127, so I was just hoping for a lower number.

Well, I got an email that my results were in, so when I go online to check them, all it says is POSITIVE.  They didn't do a quantitative hcg, only a qualitiative!!  I'm so mad, if all I wanted was Pos/Neg I could have poas this morning.  I have a call in to the doctor to see if they can run the quant with the blood they have, but I'm so frustrated.  The only thing I know for sure at this point is that the hcg is STILL not at zero.  So annoying.

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Re: Stupid lab

  • Oh no sweetie.  That is so frustrating.  I'm sorry!
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  • Just heard back from the doctor--I have to have another blood draw, UGH!

    Sorry for all the whining. 

    After more than a year, 1 IUI, 1 m/c, then acupuncture/TCM = natural cycle BFP on 12/5/11!

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  • Oh geez! I am so sorry hun :( What a slap in the face. I hope this is the last blood draw for a long, long time. Let's get this over with!!
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  • That stinks!  Sorry to hear frustrating...and I'm sure your veins are tired enough these days!!  
  • Well, that's just freaking ridiculous! I'm so sorry, so not what you needed.

    Is this with the new RE?

    Sheesh, with a bloodtest, why the heck would one ever even bother with a +/-, I mean, what could getting the actual beta hurt?

    So sorry.

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  • I am so sorry, seriously.  If you go in for a blood PG test wouldnt you automatically think they would be checking for levels not just a postivie or negative.  The Doc would have you pee on a stick for that.  Ugh. 
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  • UGH! How annoying! Don't you just want to slap these docs sometimes?!

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  • Yeah, I don't get why they would even do just a +/- blood test.  There really is no point.

    choirgirl--I still haven't seen the new RE.  I had to get a referral from my PCP so she is the one who ordered the tests.  I guess she doesn't do blood hcgs very often! 

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  • *head smack*
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