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I took my first double-dose of menopur last night (150 vs 75), and I was bracing for today, because last time on just 75, I was a nauseous, dizzy, heachachey, mess. 

Instead, today, I feel fine. Good, really. The absence of any Sx initially had me worried, but now I realize I feel some aching from the direction of my ovaries, so maybe something's-a-brewing.

Oh, and I just helped successfully throw a baby shower for my co-worker/friend who I simply couldn't be happier for.  She lost a son at 23 weeks of pg, and so deserves this healthy pg. She's 35 weeks today Party!!!

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  • I've never been on Menopur, but I'm sure that double dose is getting things underway. 

    You are a doll for throwing a shower....I think its safe to say that Karma's got your back in a good way.

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  • Isn't it so funny when we get worried because we feel good?  Maybe your body was just more prepared for it this time around.

    That is so sweet of you to throw the shower.  I'm sure your coworker appreciates it, sounds like she's been through a rough time. 

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