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More big bed talk

The time has come to move our boy to a real bed. I am sort of clueless about furniture shopping as our crib was a handy-me-down.

Ikea and Pottery Barn Kids jump to mind right away, but where have others looked? We are probably looking for a twin bed due to our space issues.

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Re: More big bed talk

  • For a simple, cheap and relatively durable option, I recommend Ikea--we got a twin for DD#1 from there and it has worked really well.
  • Baby 2 Teen in Manassas has a TON of options on their floor, and you can special order from catalogs as well.  DS had fun playing on the beds with slides, tents, and "clubhouses" with DH while I was actually looking around.
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  • Ditto Baby 2 Teen. Great selection and pretty good prices.  We got DD #1's bed through Direct Buy - my in-laws were members.  When it was time to get DD #2's bed (to match) they no longer were Direct Buy members.  So we got it at B2T.
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  • We started with a mattress on the floor and then got a twin bed from Pottery Barn Kids.

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  • We got ours from Ashley furniture through Direct Buy. One thing to think about if you get a single is to get one with a trundle for when he has friends stay over when he's older.

    As far as a bedroom set, I got DD a normal bedroom set (not a kiddie set) because I don't want to re-buy furniture once she gets older. My mom got my bedroom set when I was 3 years old and still uses it as the guest bedroom 30 years later. So, I'm taking the same approach in terms of buying something that is not designed just for a kid.

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