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S/O question re: bed transition...

So, I'm in the process of trying to potty train. Potty training efforts have led to discussions about transitioning to the big girl bed (which we don't have yet, BTW) and when Natty will be ready to make the move.

Can people tell me there experiences of potty training and then transitioning to the big bed? Do your kid(s) wake you up to let you know if they have to go at night if they are still in the crib? DD is talking all about big girl beds (told me this am she wanted to go to the Big Girl Bed Store to try them out!) so we're trying to use that as a motivator. You know, "big girls who go potty get to sleep in big girl beds" kind of thing.

I know the transition will come with all sorts of issues separate from potty training (as discussed in vtkendra's post) but I'm kind of perplexed about which should come first. 


A mom who has been peed on at least 5 times today in her effort to potty train.  :-)

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Re: S/O question re: bed transition...

  • We potty trained at about 2.75yo and moved to the big girl bed at 3.25yo.  For us Maggie just told us she needed to go to potty at night and we would take her out.  I wouldn't have wanted her getting up on her own anyway since she might have wandered around upstairs by herself and gotten into something dangerous.  Even now she asks to go potty after bedtime and while she can do it herself we listen and make sure she gets back to her room in a timely manner.  Also at first she couldn't wipe herself well so we would need to be there for that.


    GL with the potty training too!

  • DD is potty trained for daytime,including naps but she wears a pull-up at night; she's 34mo and I'd rather she (and I!!) STTN than worry about peeing in the middle of the night. Once she starts waking up dry, we'll go to underwear at night.


  • Yeah, I have concerns about her being ready to be alone in her room.

    I'm also glad to hear that people potty train at different stages. We're working on daytime potty training for now bc she still wakes up pretty wet after 12+hrs of sleep. I think I probably should have read more about potty training before starting but it seems to me that people feel pretty strongly about the "best" way to do it. Which basically makes it no different from any other parenting topic, right? ';-)

    Thanks for the well wishes, too. Potty score as of 3:30pm:

    Floor: 4 and Potty:1

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  • I think you really do have to think of potty training in two areas--daytime and nighttime.  DD#1 has been day-potty trained since she was 2.  She's now almost 5 and still often wears a pull up to bed.  We have gone through phases where she can stay dry overnight or we wake her up to go to the potty, but she is a very heavy sleeper and if she has had a lot of fluids or is really tired or anything else majorly changes her normal routine, she'll wet her bed/pull ups.  From what I've read and from what our ped has told us, some kids don't night potty fully until they are 6 or 7.
  • DS is potty trained for the day.  we put a pullup on him at night.

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  • google baby center and the 3-day potty training method and it'll come up; people have had great success with that method


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